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Anna Love | Artist Spotlight

by JM on September 28, 2011

Anna Love has become of my favorite people here in Texas that I’ve met. I honestly wrote her off the first time I saw her play but after following her online and getting to talk to her I realized that maybe I made a huge mistake. Just because I’m not impressed the first time doesn’t mean I forget and stop paying attention. After realizing what a misread I had on her I made it a point to invite her out to play a show for me here in Dallas. That set totally changed my outlook and knew that she had incredible talent and soon to be great artist.

Anna has been posting some of her own original work online and can’t be happier to see another Texas producer rise up. She might have been MIA from Texas for awhile but the way she is hustling with all her projects such as her monthly event in Austin, Broken Teeth, Tropical Bass, DJing, and producing expect to see her name a lot more often.

My favorite thing about Anna besides her music is her passion. The things she says and expresses online and off are inspiring. She has no fear and does what she does cause she wants to express herself. The most recent tracks she has posted online have sold me and hope to eventually add her to the Afro Monk Records roster. I’m glad I reached out to her and have become friends with her. Keep on it girl!

Check out some of my favorite tracks she has worked on:

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Anna Love | Artist Spotlight

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  • October 24, 2011 at 2:44 am

    Lovely tunes. Great ambience and tone. Nice to read that little article about your meeting with her also and how views can change 🙂

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