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ill-esha | Elusive History & Reverie

by JM on August 11, 2011

ill-esha has become someone I dearly admire. I remember 3 years ago I was completely obsessed with her and dreamed of getting to meet her. My dream came true almost exactly a year ago when I brought her to Miami for my 25th birthday. It was between her and NastyNasty. As much as I love Jasper we wouldn’t have been able to have the time to hang out and Elysha was free the whole week-end, plus Jasper vs Elysha for a slip n slide party… LOL JK JK. I can say now that no matter what till my death bed I’ll be seeing/booking Elysha near my birthday. There aren’t words to describe how much she lived up to my expectations and more. I got the opportunity to spend a few days with her in Miami and enjoy beach life with her. Ever since then we have kept in touch and I’m always thrilled whenever we run into each other.

I’m proud to promote and push TWO of her most recent releases. Elusive History was put out first via Simplify Recordings and contains one of my favorite songs of 2011, Only Fair. I’ve been playing out the Gladkill version like no bodies business ever since I first heard it. Come on who wouldn’t fall in love with Elysha on vocals and Boris’ unique sullen sound. The next release just came out a few days ago, Reverie, which was released on Muti records! Reverie contains the epic track Pretty Banger which is self explanatory and an incredible track 33 and a Third with the talented MC Joey Mousepad!

I think you all get the point and should be familiar with ill-esha as I feature most of her work on here. Nothing but love to Elysha. I’m beyond excited to see her this upcoming week-end in Austin where she’ll be playing as well as Lorn! This will be the first time we’ll be officially playing together on the same bill =)

BUY: Reverie &/OR Elusive History

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ill-esha | Elusive History & Reverie

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