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Benito | Exercise Progression | Exclusive Inside!

by JM on July 25, 2011

Benito releases his highly awaited release on Street Ritual, Exercise Progression. Considering Benito isn’t one of the most well known names right now I highly recommend this one. Elysha and many others had been telling how much I was going to enjoy this one and boy were they right. Street Ritual always delivers with quality and vibes I enjoy.

Exercise Progression isn’t your traditional styled beats in the bass scene. There’s a large amount of unique sounds that blend together well with clean bass lines and wonky styled arps. I’d consider this borderline IDM versus glitch-hop/wonky where most would put this. Elysha considers Benito to be the next Lorn so you can see where I’m coming from. The track Thuggity totally has that hip-hop glitch feel that shines and great crowd pleasure if dropped at the right time. Every track on this one grabs my attention and give me the feeling that no matter which of Benito’s tracks I pick they’ll all have that unique experience of man this is awesome more people should hear this. Benito might not be some superstar right now but give him a bit more and don’t be surprised to see his name amongst some of the greatest right now with this wonky glitch idm sound.

BUY: Benito – Exercise Progression

Proud to bring you all a new track solely being offered via through the site and soundcloud. I’ve had the pleasure of rocking this tune out for awhile and was offered to give it away to you! My good friends Joey and Elysha do an incredible job with the vocals on this track. The vocals give this tune so much more depth. Previewing it to Samples earlier today he commented on how Joey sounds black sometimes, LOL. The layering of Joey’s voice and Elysha was done so well and shows off the incredible dynamics of them together. Their energy and vibe create an VIP version that I had to have first dubs on =) Exclusive!
Benito – Caffeine VIP featuring Joey Mousepad & ill-esha!

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Benito | Exercise Progression | Exclusive Inside!

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