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Orchard Lounge | Left In The Lurch | AfroMonk.com Exclusive

by JM on April 11, 2011

I’m beyond honored to bring you an exclusive mix from none other than Spencer Lokken from Orchard Lounge! Spencer was kind enough to do something special and put together something tailored just for the site. I can’t begin to tell you how impressed I am with this mix. It’s a perfect blend of chill sexy and exciting blend of beautiful music. This isn’t a traditional thing he does so it really means a lot to me to have such a talented person do something unique like this for the site.

Spencer is 1/3 of Orchard Lounge which is made up of: Beth, Ben, and himself. Orchard Lounge is mind blowing experience of all three of them where they tantalize and take everyone for a ride. They’ve been making quite a name for themselves and it’s no surprise after you see them live. The mixing harmony of all of them is something quite rare to see amongst such talented DJs and musicians.

I can’t say enough thank you’s for Spencer putting this together. Once it hit my inbox I had just woken up from much needed sleep and it was the perfect way to wake up in the morning and start the day. This 69 min mix is something that will definitely be a go to mix for me during many occasions. Thank you!


01. vadim – game tight
02. ancient astronauts – rocket science
03. gabó – after the moonlight
04. lopez – asuncion dub excursion
05. debruit – k.o. debout
06. beef wellington – what u laughin’ at?
07. rimer london – l’eau
08. ribotto – cannonball
09. almunia – travel (‘mental)
10. lunice – hip pop
11. blockhead – attack the doctor
12. anne wirz – guerriére (four tet mix)
13. klock – orange woods, leading rounds
14. mosca – tilt shift
15. samooo – on & on
16. edmx – creole 2
17. maya jane coles – nobody else
18. kollektiv turmstrasse – schwindelig
19. jensen sportag – pure wet
20. vector rusting cars & wildflowers

DOWNLOAD: Orchard Lounge | Spencer Lokken | Left In The Lurch

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