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Robot Robinson | Robot Koch + John Robinson

by JM on April 8, 2011

I’d have to say the most listened to albums in my car are the ones from Robot Koch. His beats is the go to stuff while i’m cruising along driving into the city or going out to party. His beats hypnotize in this sick ill way. If you’re into the Doshy stuff I posted earlier this week check this out! Robot Koch is the producer behind all these tracks and the ridiculous flow of John Robinson on top of each track. John does an incredible job on spitting verses and hooks. I’m usually quite not too big on MCs or rappers but man I’d totally let this guy drop some words on top of my set and if anyone knows how I feel about that it’s saying A LOT!

One thing that really cheered me up about this release is that it was pressed to vinyl. I need to figure out how to order this here to the States. This needs to be in my vinyl collection. I’m listening to this whole thing over again and seriously wow. I’m totally blown away by this. This really is the next level stuff. There’s a line John drops where he goes “Robot is the future” and I could not agree more. These insane beats with a sick flow is what I think is the next phase of electronic music. I also believe the sexy melodic idm stuff has a huge future coming back as the heavy aggressive bass lines will eventually get old very quickly and the complete opposite is what everyone will be hoping to hear. Big ups to Robot Koch and John Robinson!

Be sure to check out the video for the single!

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