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Mimosa | 58 Degrees

by JM on March 27, 2011

Mimosa is back with a new EP that he is giving away for free aka name your own price. This release hasn’t seen much spotlight so figure let you all know about it. I wouldn’t call this his best work by any means but it’s great to see Tigran trying out some new things on this.

This release to me is a bunch of tracks where he did a little of everything. There’s some glitch hop, dubstep, brostep, and drumstep on this. Nothing really stands out that much on this release but after all you can grab it for FREE! It’s real interesting to hear his take on drumstep and brostep. If you’ve seen Tigran live recently you know that he mainly plays heavy dubstep bangers during his sets and not so much any of his originals. It always made me wonder why he didn’t just make some of this stuff if he was playing it out such an aggressive heavy set. I think this was a test to see how it went over when he sat down and wrote a few tracks in different tempos.

I’m sure we’ll be hearing a lot more music from him soon but this is a great EP to grab for free and get one of the more recognized producers in the West Coast take on new genres. Truly you have to consider that it must get boring making music in the general same BPM.

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