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by JM on March 11, 2011

This week I’ve got a Fire Friday Mix for all of you from, Bird of Prey. I haven’t done much coverage on this artist but he is one hell of a talented producers. After hearing this mix I’m really looking forward to be meeting him next week at SXSW and sharing the line up with him on tons of showcases that I’ll be playing.

This mix is one of those mixes that you may not really know what you’re getting yourself into but man does it whomp. There are some really great original tracks on here that shine! It’s also great to see a producers just gliding through a set so smoothly. Everything just has a great natural flow to it.

This was streamed and recorded live on The bass stream radio guys have been crushing it and having tons of amazing special guest. I’m really glad they save these so others can enjoy in the future. I have heard so much about Bird of Prey but it’s great to sick back and listen to this mix. Truly looking forward to seeing Torin drop some original tunes now.

If you are around Austin, Texas next week and will be at SXSW i’ll be putting something together for everyone. There’s a LOT going on! I will be there representing for TONS of showcases. Expect a major post tomorrow with a break down of everything.


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