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Afro Monk | (eye)

by JM on February 16, 2011

(eye) <3 Glitch Dubstep is a new mix that I did LIVE on Glitch.fm. The first 45minutes didn’t record nor stream and had all sorts of issues. This mix starts from that mark and decided to keep going for a full two hour session.

This mix was done completely freestyle and not planned out. My intention was to go through as many tracks that I’d consider “Luvstep”. It was Valentines Day and figure I’d give my interpretation of luvstep after so many people ask me what I consider sexy or luvstep when mention it in conversation. I also stayed away from all the tracks most people would use. I’m tired of hearing Von D or Skream tunes being called that when their is so much more out there than the usual tracks we can all name off the top of our heads. I dug a bit deep and hope you all enjoy.

I made this one downloadable so you can all enjoy at anytime. It’s two hours so figure it’d be best for this one. Don’t expect a tracklist to appear because it’d take me forever. I have so many songs in front of me while I play and just go with the flow.

Also wanted to mention to please keep me in your prayers. My eye was hurting me throughout the day and when got home started on this mix after a nap. I should of taken my contact out but didn’t till I finished the 3hr set. I woke up the next day with my eye completely red and praying it’ll be fine. I goto the doctor tomorrow. The things we do for the things and people we Love.

Please share this. I wish music like this would be pushed more. This was put together as a response to all those filth mixes put together. That’s why I went 2 hours to show that there’s plenty of stuff that isn’t heavy.

Much Love to you all <3

(eye) <3 Glitchy Luvstep by AfroMonk

– JM

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