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enabl.ed | Saccharine Morning

by JM on February 10, 2011

I’m proud to bring you info on the new enabl.ed release Saccharine Morning. This is one of the first upcoming releases that I’ve completely been taken back by. Why? It’s IDM, yeah that music tons of you make fun of by saying “ohh because other music isn’t intelligent” or “IDM sounds so elitist”. Guess what who cares what it’s called but thank God there is a genre that encompasses this type of sound. It’s been awhile since I’ve followed IDM but as of the past few weeks I’ve been venturing into the deep abyss that surrounds sounds like this along with glitch, beats, and ambient.

Global Vortex brings you this stunning release. It’s great to see a label putting out something like this. It’s not often you run into quality production like this along with much press behind it. The good people of Global Vortex sent this over and glad they did. It fits perfectly into what my style is evolving into. You can expect that entranced fun state when you hear every track. Enabl.ed brings some serious emotions into this one and hope you all check it out.

The single drops today and the full release is February 18th!
If you are remotely interested in IDM I suggest you check this out.

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