Numark NS7 For Sale!

by JM on February 8, 2011

Alright I hate to do this but I’m really looking to upgrade some gear in the studio. I decided to let go of my NS7. I love the thing and is what I started on but it’s time I let go of it.

Right now I’ll do $900 OBO + Shipping.
I’d be shipping from Dallas, Texas.

This is probably one of the best pieces of hardware to start DJing on.
It is the closest thing to vinyl out there. I’ve had many special guest come in the studio to do a live show with us and everyone is amazed how smooth it works. Whether you’re use to DJing on vinyl or CDJs this thing makes it so intuitive to play on. All you need is a laptop or computer to hook up to it and download Serato Itch and you’re ready to go. It even picks up your iTunes library and playlist so right from the start you can throw some tunes together.

It was my intention of keeping this for most of my life so if I had any guest come over they could jump right in and play but I’ve become such a strictly Ableton performer that almost feel like I’ll pick something else up later on.

I can provide pictures if interested.
It’s in perfect working condition. If have any questions contact me!

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