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by JM on February 2, 2011

If anyone ask me if I have any affiliations what they get every time it’s It’s because it’s a family and where I began.

I never forget the moment I found and was like WHAT?! The station is what you think it is. It’s glitch/glitch-hop for the most part. Yes, there’s dubstep and even some brostep but most of the music played on there is all the new stuff us DJs find and play in the glitch community. We are pushing the homies on here. I know I am at least if you haven’t checked out any of my mixes they are usually live sets I did while playing on the radio. truly is the only place you can get all the music you listen to 24/7. Well that is to assume you listen to the music I mainly post on here. If you take a look at the roster you’ll be surprised to see some of the freshest cats play on here and from all over the world. Every show has its own taste and feel. Ultimately we are now looking for some additional DJs to do shows. We are looking for people who are interested in doing their thing on the radio and become a close part of this community. Seriously at heart is a small community part of this big bass music world. The chat room has some regulars and usually will have tons of industry people stopping by just to say whats up or hear and share some of the latest tunes out there. The chatroom can get fairly active and probably find the homies talking about some of the most random things besides music.  I use to spend many hours just hanging out getting to know some of the close friends that make music now. I’ve built a lot of friendships with people because of it and also know when I see a DJ it’s family.

The shows are two hour slots every week. To be honest I think they are even allowing slots every other week now. Straight up I recommend doing it every week especially if you’re ready to take DJing to a serious level. Call it a way to keep in shape as a DJ. It forces you to practice or prep for shows at any time. Any DJ who can prep new tunes every week for either a one or two show means you’re really on your A game. You’ll be wanted to keep it fresh every time people tune into your show.

People tune in. They really do. You’ll be surprised how come people will come in and ask what tune you’re playing or just give you props and see whats up. This is also a great way to have a regular radioshow where you can talk about things going on in the music community, play some of your favorite music that you think others would enjoy that relates to this stuff, or just have an outlet to do interviews and feature certain mixes. Just please remember this isn’t or It’s called for a reason. This isn’t to say that all of us play glitch every tune but keep it in mind. The mid-tempo, glitch-hop, wonky, glitchy idm, odd weird shit stuff are definitely preferred at least if I had to recommend any of you personally.

Send in a mix or example show and see how it goes. Please keep in mind to look at what current slots are OPEN. Doing a radioshow is a commitment and something you should be ready to do. It’s not hard to get setup. My biggest piece of advice is to get one or two of your friends together at someones house and do the show together. If you got a few friends that are interested you only have to do pieces of the show together. Every Monday usually I invite some friends over that I think would play an appropriate set for the show and grab a few beers, smokes, and maybe some food to treat the guest. It’s always good times just sitting back hanging with people.

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