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Blunt Instrument | Twice Baked EP

by JM on January 27, 2011

Blunt Instrument is a duo formed by Luke Latimer and Rocco Mico based out in Australia. It’s great to see the duo finally making their debut solo release on Simplify Records this Friday 1/28/2011. They have been featured in An-ten-ae’s Acid Crunk series and been having their tunes played out by some of the bigger names in the Glitch-hop community.

I’m proud to give you some insight into these guys as they have a really things going for them despite being in Australia. As many of us in the States don’t realize Australia, New Zealand, and other countries are really starting to create gigantic communities that would rival even where many of the well known names we all know come from. I can’t tell you enough how amazing it is to be in communication with some of these artist across the world. I’m seriously hoping one day I’ll be making a trip to NZ or AUS for a festival or even vacation to play a few shows. It is really getting to that point and these two are a prime example of the movement. There’s some serious talent all over the world don’t forget that and AUS/NZ is becoming quite the hot spot.

Now here’s some serious love from these guys. They’re giving away a good amount of their bootlegs for FREE in one zip so you don’t have to go around searching for some music right now from them. Enjoy!



1) Blunt Instrument – Turtle Slap

2) Beatnuts – “Watch Out” (Blunt Instrument Remix)

3) Bob Marley – “Get Up Stand Up” (Blunt Instrument Remix)

4) Dillinja – “Twist Em’ Out” (Blunt Instrument Remix)

5) Radiohead – “Street Spirit” (Blunt Instrument Dubstep Remix)

6) Rolling Stones – “You Can’t Always Get…” (Blunt Instrument Remix)

7) Toots & The Maytals – “Funky Kingston” (Blunt Instrument Remix)

Here is a preview and taste of their debut release, Twice Baked EP.

Their first single, tURTLE sLAP, can be found below. Massive respect goes out to these two and Simplify Records for putting out another big release.

DOWNLOAD: Blunt Instrument – tURTLE sLAP


1) Impound lot

2) Olympus Egg

3) Hands free

4) Sack Full

5) Slightly More

BUY: Blunt Instrument – Twice Baked EP

Out 1/28/2011 on Simplify Records

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