Mimi Page | Artist Spotlight

by JM on January 18, 2011

About two weeks ago my good friend Stephan Jacobs came into town to help me get a kick start into the production game. After a brief overview of some basics I discovered what I adore is playing piano and writing a melody. Mimi Page’s sound is everything I hope to reach one day.

Ethan, owner of Subsythesis, an amazing friend and overall lover of music turned me onto Mimi Page. He told me to check her out and my mouth dropped when I checked out here music. It’s absolutely gorgeous. The piano work and downtempo feel is totally what has been capturing my heart versus the heavy bass lines lately.

I’ll be honest I don’t know much about her and don’t have much to say other than I love her music and her voice. Majority of the post I write I’m very familiar with their music and/or the person. This is something entirely new I’ve never heard and excited to hear more music from her.

Mimi, thank you for sharing your music. You’ve totally made a fan out of me from just hitting play once.


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