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Virtual Boy | Symphony No. None EP

by JM on January 14, 2011

The Cali based duo Virtual Boy trained by none other than the great Steve Nelepa are getting ready for another EP out on Alphapup! Symphony No. None is absolutely breathe taking. It takes you back to such a familar place where cinema and old 8bit games meet when you were young. They write  such delicious synth lines that leave you hanging for more after every track. These two are seriously on that next level juice and ready to blow up.

Preston Walker and Henry Allen clearly have a grasp on what it is to express true emotions on these four tracks. The opening track Thrust explodes with a vividly clean intro line and slams you down with epic 8-bit sounds that reaches such a climatic drop that makes you just gasp. Breach of the Descendants takes you to a mellowed out chill ambient vibe from the start as you feel as everything around you has stopped but you’re on an escalator passing the world by slowly. The Future Holds a Beat takes you on an exciting tour of colorful beats and melodic bass lines. Mass closes off this release with one of the most hypnotizing intros I’ve heard. This track by far steals the show and can only wait till I get to start a set with this one. Once the beat kicks in it’s all systems go for one of the interesting tunes I’ve heard in 2011. It’s as if the beat stretches and contracts like an accordion. The sway and feel to this one sends chills… The closing line is gorgeous and encompasses such beauty with the perfect amount of bass that will have you reaching for a lighter and the repeat button.

Symphony No. None is due out February 1st, 2011 on the infamous Alphapup label.

1. Thrust
2. Breach of the Descendants
3. The Future Holds a Beat
4. Mass

The lovely people at Alphapup have allowed me to give away my favorite tune off the release, Mass. Be sure to pick this one up! This is a for sure hit and perfect opener.

DOWNLOAD: Virtual Boy – Mass

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