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Repeat Business | Mindelixir Presents

by JM on December 26, 2010

Mindelixir has been hard at work during 2010. He’s put together most likely the biggest dubstep monthly on the entire East coast and most likely one of the biggest in the States, Bass Church.

It’s my pleasure to introduce a compilation album Bill has put together from some of the most upcoming producers today. This is probably one of the better compilations I’ve seen put together. It features some of my close friends Elfkowitz and Psymbionic. Everyone on this compilation will be making serious moves. Stereotonin was the one who impressed me the most out of the bunch that I hadn’t heard of. I was given a promo bootleg to give away from him.

Check out this fresh remix… Afro Monk Exclusive!!!
DOWNLOAD: People Under the Stairs – Acid Raindrops (Stereotonin Remix)

1. Axiom Crux – Vapor Nation
2. T8rtot – Not 2B Missed
3. Elfkowitz – Gone
4. Stereotonin – Hop Scotch Warrior
5. Ghetto S*xuual – Deep Breath
6. Deformati – Careful Demons (Elfkowitz remix)
7. Mindelixir – Sonic (Lo Bounce Remix)
8. Charlie P – Hole in my Pocket
9. Fast Nasty – The Arcadian Shark
10. Panther God – Zomba
11. Spooky Jones – Starship Ping Pong
12. Bookworm – Ursine Combat Squad
13. Spooky Jones – Attack of the Coincidence
14. Psymbionic – Pseudo Science
15. Stereotonin – Thank You, Come Again

BUY: Repeat Business Presented by Mindelixir

Here is a mini mix put together by Psymbionic to give you a small taste of this major release. Big ups to everyone part of this one. Keep on working hard and sharing your music with the world!

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