Denver ‘010 Comic | Soul Outsider Records

by JM on December 20, 2010

Homie Strange Flow is one creative dude. He’s been working on some awesome ideas and been bouncing off me to see if I can help. One of his projects is Soul Outsider records and part of it is a small comic he has done with a friend. It’s funny as hell and high recommend it. It’s somewhat a depiction of random things that happened to them while in Denver. They hoped to capture some of the lingo and musical references in todays culture.

He randomly sent me a link to the new episode. He said to check out what was on the wall. Low and behold they’ve put up an Afro Monk poster. I laughed my ass off and couldn’t be more humbled. Much love man!

Be on the look out for Strange Flow he has been making moves and has had great success with his first edition of Grungestep Vol 1.

Here is a link to episode 5.

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