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Elfkowitz | Artist Spotlight

by JM on December 16, 2010

Elfkowitz has been my secret weapon for quite some time now. He is one of those producers you literally hide all the names and come up with funny names for tracks just so those lurkers who stalk your track selections. Ian is a close friend and only wish great success upon him. Truly ever since I brought him into Miami for a small show with Freddy Todd he’s been real cool and sharing his music with me so I can give some feedback. If I post about sick sessions and jamming to fresh new music chances are it’s cause listening to some of Ian’s tunes.

Right now Elfkowitz is making moves and getting the recognition he deserves. Expect his major release, Prolific, on Daly City. It’s coming out exclusively on Additech on January 11th and then full release on iTunes and all that jazz February 15th! Also be on the look out for two his tunes out on an upcoming Mindelixir presents compilation.

UPDATE: BUY Elfkowitz – Prolific EP

There isn’t enough to say how much of a cool cat this guy is. I’ll never forget when picked him up from the airport and he was rocking this tie dye shirt with The Grateful Dead hat on with a giant flower on it. I knew immediately it was homie! We had a great time chillen and throwing done some tunes with Freddy. He is one of the few producers I’ll randomly text just to see what’s up because he always puts out those positive vibes and has the freshest tunes out there.

Elfkowitz sound is simple yet not. His tunes have a certain presence that leaves room to have fun while playing. I know if I ever can tone it down and put the crowd in a trance I’ll bust out with a few of his tunes. The feel and expression shines in every single one of his tunes. As someone who is venturing into the idea of production Ian’s music has a great influence for the sound I’m looking for. If it were up to me I’d play entire sets like this but you know we need some raggers and trust me Ian has some up his sleeve to but you’ll get to check that out much later.

Nothing but LOVE and RESPECT for Ian. Pay your respects to him when you see him. He works real hard and deserves every big up out there! Glad to call him a close friend of mine. I am beyond stoked for our next adventure. We’re going hard in 2011 Dallas!

Check out his X-Mas remix track and a few of his originals!

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