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The Seedling Escape | Photosynthesis 2007 Mix

by JM on December 10, 2010

This weeks Fire Friday Mix comes from the downtempo/trip-hop duo The Seedling Escape! The group consist of Ooah and KittyD. This mix was done back in January 2007 and is by far one of my favorite mixes out there. As much as I push the banging glitch-hop my heart truly lies with this style of music. The mix is a compilation of all the tunes they’ve worked on together. Imagine a slightly more hype version of Of Porcelain in this mix.

My dream show would feature The Seedling Escape or Of Porcelain. I’ve been messing around with production and to be honest Ooah is one of my biggest influences. Hearing a mix like this just makes me smile. It’s just pure chill vibes and no hype needed but sends those chills through you after each hit. Hope you all enjoy this weeks mix despite it being an oldie.

DOWNLOAD: The Seedling Escape – Photosynthesis 2007 Mix

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