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Glitch and Bass Sessions | Afro Monk & Soupa | 12/7/10

by JM on December 7, 2010

Glitch & Bass Sessions is officially back! I’ve looked for the past two months for someone to join me on who would suite the show well. This past Friday Bass Science (Matt B & Devin) rocked it out here in Dallas. After the show we moved over to an after party spot where I got to here a homie play the whole night. His name… Soupa aka Soupa Nasty!

After hanging out for awhile I was like wait tune, tune, and tune! Homie was crushing it droppin the glitchy bass tunes of cats like Samples, NastyNasty, Project Aspect, etc… I soon realized this guy! He was willing to come out and do the show with me this week. Hopefully he’ll become a regular. We had a good time testing the waters out.

We had a B2B setup going where we could jump back and forth quite easy. First time ever really heard him play closely considering Friday night I was outside just hanging out with tunes in the background slightly. He totally blew me away dropping Sugarpill, Stephan Jacobs, and others. He was throwing some tunes over mine and experimenting. This is only the beginning. Give us some time and I’m sure we’ll be rocking a crazy duo act possibly.

So grateful to have finally found someone who rocks similar tracks and style.
He’s totally going to keep me on my toes and make sure have only the freshest shit.
Glitch & Bass Sessions is here and we going to send some glitch bass weight to your speakers Dallas.

Mondays 8pm-10pm PST / 10pm-12am CT / 11pm-1am EST LIVE on
Glitch & Bass Sessions with Afro Monk & Friends…

First Thursday of month Glitch & Bass Sessions Live @ The Cavern Upstairs in Dallas.
January flyer will be out soon… Bringing in a homie.
Expect someone new every month =)

DOWNLOAD: Glitch & Bass Sessions – Afro Monk & Soupa – 12/7/2010

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