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MartyParty | Skukuza EP Details

by JM on November 29, 2010

Proud to announce that MartyParty next release SKUKUZA will in Stores December 14, 2010!
Marty has been touring non-stop and it isn’t about to slow down either. His purple sound is going to be unleashed and you’ll get to have a piece of it soon with the Skukuza EP.

Right now he’s touring alongside the infamous Ooah teaming up to form PANTyRAID. The duo create such an eclectic sound. After putting out The Sauce it’s time for Marty’s debut. December 14th, will be the day we will all get to experience his first EP release. There’s many more to follow with a possible EP due out later on in the month, Lebata & Satara. Marty had mentioned in the interview done with him that he also has 3 full releases due in 2011. It’s going to be a big year for Purple sounds. The debut EP will be available through all major online music retailers, as well as in special packages sold direct through the website. Check out a short video of one of his live shows!

SKUKUZA Tracklist:
1. Chelsea Hotel
2. It’s Complicate
3. Loud Mouth
4. Los Angeles
5. Skukuza
6. Trinity

The release is brought to you by The Confluence Post Label alternative.
They have given me permission to release a FREE copy of Los Angeles to give you a small taste of Marty’s Purple Opera. Be sure to support this release and pick it up when released.

DOWNLOAD: MartyParty – Los Angeles

Much respect and love to you Marty!

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