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Omega Dubstep | The Crystal Method Remix

by JM on November 16, 2010

Omega Dubstep is getting it done! Huge news from homie Chris when he let me know that he got a deal to remix The Crystal Method! This is an official remix for them! The Sine Language remix is off the new release and features LMFAO. It’s great to see dreams coming true with all my friends all around the world. This track is massive and has a midtempo glitch-hop feel to it versus the regular dubstep remix format we’ve all heard before. It’s so great to see the community expand so much and everyone getting huge opportunities to shine. You can pick up the release if you’d like over at Amazon. There will be a physical release that will be out and I’ll try to remember to post a link to it in the future when available.

Be sure to check out Omega’s other tunes. He’s smashing it over in Colorado with all the other boys. I got to hear some clips of the stuff he working on now and wow. It’s incredible what you can do with sounds and it’s always a pleasure to get to experience such music. Much respect goes out to my homie Chris!

Everyone follow their dreams and never let anyone tell you that something isn’t possible!

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