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Monday MUST Listens / Buy!

by JM on October 25, 2010

Alright it’s been awhile since I’ve put together a list of tunes on one single post. There are so many homies of mine that I want to help promote and get their names out there but I’m insanely busy and like to feature everyone with a specific post but you know what there’s too many tracks right now that it’s just best I give respect to the homies like this.

Stephan Jacobs & +verb (one of the biggest tunes right now)

Freddy Todd – His new album is going to BLOW UP when it comes out!

Elfkowitz – This homie is one of the dopest producers and chillest cats. His tunes always put me in a daze.

ill-esha – elysha is the sweetest person I’ve met all year. you can’t help but be happy around her and her music has the same affect =)

Samples – it’s mother effin Ben Samples. enough said.

Mochipet – This dinosaur is destroying it all over the land. This new tune will blast your face off.

MartyParty – Ummm if you don’t know about him I feel sorry for you. New tease from upcoming album.

Minnesota – This guy is going to BLOW up. Take my word for it.

Billy Blacklight – This guy is my favorite producer right now. Give him another couple of months and some more experience and I think he’s going to be huge.

NastyNasty – This man hold my favorite tunes at the moment and I don’t even know what they are called. His unreleased material is SEXY.

The Human Experience – This is the one producer which incorporates what I’m hoping to do when I begin production. Amazing.

BMF Productions – This tune is so big! I dropped this the other night and WOW! Big things ahead.

iONik – This guy right here has some serious love for the community and one hell of a producer. Looking forward to working with him in future!

+verb – this guy is an absolute champion and one of the realest around. he’s going to turn some serious heads. looking forward to seeing him play out finally in 2011!

Sugarpill – This guy is the man period. He’s one of my main mentors and always there for me when I got some questions. Ableton guru & amazing friend.

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