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by JM on October 18, 2010

Art Outside is a festival outside of Austin, TX. This year will be its 6th year going. The easiest way to describe Art Outside is a miniature Texas Burning Man. It’s a 3 day camping festival with tons of creative inspiring people. This year the event features over 300 artists, musicians, performers, and workshops. It’s large collection of people just coming together to share what they have to offer to the world.

There are world class performances, magical art installations, and unique artist from all around. Guests are encouraged to interact and share their passion and creativity for all that we call art.

This will be the first year I attend as I have just moved to Dallas, Texas in the past two weeks. I’m really looking forward to taking this adventure. It seems like a great place to meet likeminded artist and inspiring people. I took a trip to Austin to meet the infamous Psymbionic who runs the only Glitch-Hop weekly in all of Texas probably. He will be doing a set at Art Outside and has welcomed me to join his friends at his camp. I’m looking forward to seeing the Octophonic sound stage featuring a eight speakers & 360 degree sound stage.

Another random thing that I’m curious to see is the life size mouse trap. It apparently is a huge replica of the board game. There is also a 2 ton acme-esque safe dropping from a 30 foot crane which is probably a sight to see.

Other random things to know about the festival are that there will be food vendors for breakfast, lunch, and dinner which will be vegan/raw friendly. There will be free filtered water areas. If you drink it’s a BYOB event so bring your own!

When: Friday through Sunday, October 22 – 24, 2010
Where: Apache Pass, 9112 N. FM 908, Rockdale, TX
How: $80 3-day Pass including Camping.

Music Highlights: Blockhead, Random Rab, Heyoka, Psymbionic, Brede, God-Des and She, Spoonfed Tribe, Brownout!, and more. Full lineup

Visual Artist Highlights: Jennifer Chenowith, George Kraus, Casey Warr, The Sound Cave Roadshow, Art of Such-N-Such, MT Pockets Traveling Midway of Curiosities and Delights, Michael Christian and Joe Santandrea. Full lineup

Here is a promo video for the event to give you a small taste of what is in store. It seems like Texas has quite the special event going on here. I can’t think of anything like this back home in Florida.

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