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NastyNasty | Interview | Puke Paint EP

by JM on September 10, 2010

NastyNasty is one of the most respected artist in the glitch hop community. He’s an old timer and has inspired many along the years. September 14th, 2010 marks another big release from Jasper, Puke Paint EP on Frite Nite. He has been busy making tons of beats and during the Spring he worked on some new material after he returned from tour. This release seems to be coming straight from the heart. The EP literally bleeds emotions and screeching beautiful vocals glitched up make this one of his best releases since Knife Play in my eyes. Jasper describes it as “voices blasting forth colour into digital soundscapes”. I’ll never forget when I heard Sore Loser and ran to see which track it was. This release has tons of vocal expressions all over the place.

Much respect and love goes out to NastyNasty. I’ve heard nothing but amazing things about this cat. I was going to have him come into Miami for my birthday but things didn’t work out. Excited to get to see him live in Seattle for Decibel Festival and hear some of his new work on a big system. Eff all those haters Jasper, keep doing what you doing and know you’ve inspired many including me.

Jasper’s given permission to distribute one of the tracks off the EP, Newport. I happened to play it while at my Asheville gig and this track just slices through the crowd, masterpiece. Grab the free download, NastyNasty – Newport

2. Sore Loser
3. Toxenne
4. Newport
5. Bleeding

NastyNasty Interview

When did you start producing music at what age and what sort of medium
did you use at that time and how has it evolved into what you do
today? What other alias have you gone by?

I started producing music around age 19 making hip hop and jungle beats to rap on…i have pretty much come full circle except i no longer have the urge to rap. i have worked under the names Product, Hush…, Build128, Nails, Writhe and collaboratively with my friend So What as Quitter. i also have a few other aliases that i work under currently but the names are known to few for good reason…
Clearly you have lots of big releases to date but are there any that stick out to you the most while you were producing them and do youfeel a certain vibe when you create music?
In truth as of Right now NastyNasty only has 1 single, a beat tape/e.p. and a few remixes out right now However the e.p. I am about to drop on frite nite digital has got me quite excited. I have to feel something to be able to make music, I refuse to work if i am not inspired.

What do you currently use to preform? Is there anything you plan or wish to incorporate with your current setup?

Currently my setup is very basic, a Computer running abelton live 8 and an evolution x-session crossfader/dj controller. would like to incorporate either a triggerfinger or an lpd into the mix soonish.

Are there any interest you have besides music that totally captivate you? When you come home from tour or not working on music what is it in the world that makes you smile?

I’m totally obsessed with the science and the criminal mind…. More often than not i have episodes of NOVA or Gangland playing in the background while i work in the studio

Is there any place or city that you’d absolutely love to call your home or visit for a short time? Feel free to make a place up and describe it.

I’d really like to do some touring in europe, i think it’s kind of like a voyage to mecca for electronic artists.

Biggest influence, person you respect the most, and can call a friend in music?

My good friend and sometimes collaborator So What, he makes slap beats for days and is pretty much my pulse to the rap world…totally the kind of guy that reminds me why the word bitch really takes songs up a notch.

Who is your top musical influences that really hit you with emotion?

Man there are too many to name really…as cliche as it is to say aphex twin has always been a huge influence. Otis redding and sam cooke are constants, Danzig-Era Misfits are in heavy rotation….Astor Piazzolla…Lady GaGa… as far as “dudes in the scene right now” all my beat homies are doing really awesome things:

So What, EPROM, Starkey, Slugabed, Epcot, Salva, MiMOSA, Nit GriT, Lippe, Loops Haunt, Akira Kiteshi, Sduk, Hovatron, Dibia$e, Lazer Sword, Doshy, Shlomo

Best of luck to you with your career!

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