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Ana Sia | Live Mix on!

by JM on August 20, 2010

This week we are graced to have a new Fire Friday Mix! Ana Sia was in one of the djs studio for a show! This past Sunday the Salvage Future show hosted by Thirsty and Bertzerker brought in the lovely Ana Sia and she totally rocked it!

Ana Sia has recently put out a new EP, International Profile,  on the infamous Muti Label. She has been working closely with the one and only phat conductor, ill gates! The first track caught my ear. Be sure to pick up the release!

Got to give tons of respect to Ana Sia for all she does. It can be tough in an industry where it’s mainly all male driven. I’ve personally met her but have only heard good things. She apparently had encouraged Epcot to come hang out during WMC when he recorded a show with us. Big thanks to her on that one considering Epcot had a lot of knowledge to drop on me about promoting and doing events.

Grab the free mix! Ana Sia Live Mix on!

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