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Freddy Todd – iLLegaL Summer ‘Stache

by JM on August 12, 2010

Freddy Todd is BACK and with FREE tunes! He just put out a small EP out to get everyone hyped for the massive 30 track release he has due out in the future! These are remixes that can’t be put out on the major release so ENJOY!

I had the pleasure of getting to spend a week-end with Freddy and Ian here in Miami. I got to hear sneak peak of the upcoming release. I’m still in shock how good every single track was. This man is an OG! They even put together a track in front of us from scratch. This man from Detroit is about to put a serious mark on the bass music scene.

His 30-track double full length debut album, Neon Spectacle Operator is due out at the end of the summer on Run Riot Records.

Pick up the FREE EP , Freddy Todd – iLLegal Summer ‘Stache

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