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Glitch Hop | Crunk | Bass – Soundcloud Group

by JM on July 13, 2010

Glitch-Hop | Crunk | Bass

I’ve decided to start my first Soundcloud group. I spend many countless hours searching the internet for tunes that will make me dance around, cruise while driving, and dance floor bangers. I’m all about sharing with everyone the latest tunes when I play out. Take serious pride in supporting my producer friends. Time to create something for them to unite and share in on location along with all the other groups.

I will be moderating the tracks that get posted in this group. I love all the groups on Soundcloud that I’m part of but sometimes all the tracks don’t have that crunk glitch hop feel to them. This is what I’ve created where you can unleash the maddness and rage. I’ll most likely be putting together another group if this goes well where it’ll be surrounding more of the downtempo chill glitch feel.

Glitch Hop | Crunk | Bass
Please join and contribute!

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