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Artist Spotlight: White Noise

by JM on June 6, 2010

White Noise’s actual name is Emanuel Bender and he is 21 years old and is located in Berlin. He has played violin since he was 6, guitar since he was 13, and always poking around on the piano a little. He had drum lessons and went to a school that focuses on music. He played in lots of orchestras such as the Berlin Youth Orchestra (LandesJugendorchester Berlin) and heaps of bands and combos with violin, guitar, keys and voice.

Now to the important stuff! His first encounters with electronic music came with his first PC when he was 14 or something. Ever since then he constantly tried to produce songs and just got better and better over the years, he says his  first attempts were more of a joke due to the lack of programs and knowledge how to use them. In 2008 or so he discovered club scenes and with that his favorite genre these days: dubstep. He listened to lots and lots of music and tried to make his own tracks and styles.  Now armed with improved hardware such as some proper speakers and logic and a macbook.  He has become some kind of perfectionist, He puts hours and days of work into his tracks to get them exactly as he wants and on a more professional level each time.

For 6 months now he has visited a film music composing class (film music: which is my second favorite genre and my career aspiration unless I’m starting to get heaps of money for my music sometime ) and also learned lots about processing and producing tracks and audio. He’s proud to say he got accepted by the ArtEZ music school in the Netherlands (which is a not too bad school as he heard. 🙂

For the future: he is firstly going to study but will also produce lots more banging tracks. and looking forward to actually getting a label and some reward for the stuff he has been doing 🙂 also looking forward to being a more represented artist in the scene which is starting to work out quite well he guesses.

Be sure to check out some of his tracks!

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