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Kemek – Sine Language

by JM on May 27, 2010

Sine Language_2

Artist: Kemek
Title: Sine Language
Cat # Muti062
UPC # 705105140308

1. Sine Language 4:46
2. Road To Somewhere (Remix) 4:47
3. Ignorant Dub 4:10
4. Vitamin Drumming 5:30

Kemek was the first artist to be released on Muti Music and now he’s back on the said label for a new EP. I haven’t heard the 12” that was released on Muti back in 2002 so I can’t say much about that but let me fill you in on what goin’ on with Kemek 2010.

Sine Language feature 4 minimal Dubstep tunes and to be honest I find this EP quite boring, it’s nothing we haven’t heard before. Track one & three are deconstructed Dubstep and they just float by and nothing stucks in your brain. Track two & four are a tad better, track two features some chimes which I find and the forth tracks has some chiptunes/bitpop influences which makes the song listenable.

Perhaps I’m not the best person to review “old school Dubstep” ’cause I grew tired of it back in 2006 but for me this is one of the weakest release from Muti Music, but be you own judge and take a listen to it, perhaps you’ll like it more than yours truly.

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