Friends. Different Types..

by JM on March 15, 2010

To think I wrote this almost 5 years ago sends chills down my body. I haven’t changed one bit yet become more open minded and experienced. One of my life friends and people that I Love dearly brought this post up last night.

Decided I show some of my views about friendship on here. Despite this being about music, art, film, etc… At the end of the day you write and share things to find people who appreciate the things we discover. True friendships can form at anytime. I was reminded of this today because a simple e-mail request to exchange links has turned out to be one of the sweetest people I’ve met. They have inspired me so much with their words and help me realize anything is possible when it came to planning this WMC event.

Thank you to all my friends out there.
You know who you are… I only open up to a select few.


Monday, July 18, 2005

Friends. Different Types..

In life humans have had to interact with another. In family, school, and out in the every day life. Some of us chose to be more social than others and some its just in there nature to keep to themselves mostly. The people we accept into our world and spend most of our time with we call our friends. I believe there’s many type of friends as we grow older. I feel like getting into this topic because of lots of things that are happening now during the summer as I’ve returned to Miami, my home town.

I’m going to categorize friendship into different types: acquaintances, click friends, best friends, and life friends.

I have to mention these because these are the one’s that are probably the most vague. They are the people who you’ve met or been around a lot but never moved it to more than a quick conversation. Of course these people can all of a sudden turn into deeper friends but its just never happened. I would say this is the largest group of friends we all have because of all the social interaction and environments we’ve been placed in. These are the people you see while your out walking around in the mall, see at a party occasionally, or just see out on the street. Usually its a quick hello or nod to acknowledge each other. Nothing too deep. Some of these could be friends you’ve had back in the day while you hung out with a certain click but no longer do. Also another type of person that might fit into this group is someone you know though online and never met but have an occasional conversation here and there online or though messages in myspace. Going to four different high school I’ve acquired a tremendous of acquaintances because I never really gave most people a chance to get to know me unless they seemed interesting. Many people ask me wow dude you know lots of people and such but truth is they don’t mean anything to me they are just people who I consider acquaintances.

Click Friends:
As clique it is to call a certain group a click it’s reality. As we grow up we’ve been part of some type of group that has stuck together for some time. Sometimes we have lots of these clicks and others have just stuck to one group which I wouldn’t place in this group but in life friends. Click friends are the people who we’ve hung out for awhile or currently hang out with. They are the people who usually you see together with on a usual bases. I’ve been around many different groups just because I’ve realized I don’t seem to fit in anywhere with a small group. I also believe that it changes many people if they are around certain people. Of course if you really think about it no one fits in a group perfectly because everyone is different and there is no ideal mold for people to fit in a group of people (atleast not most clicks). I find this the most interesting of all the types of friends because you get to get a collection of people with different views, ideals, cultures, races, etc.. and place them together and bam you’ve got a click. They are the people you usually call up on the week-ends when you feel like going out. Everyone seems to stick together even with many similarities but many differences. Usually a lot of drama goes on in these clicks because they might be close and spent time with the group they might not be to fond of certain people as much as others. I find a problem with clicks a lot of times because they seem so prone to judge and quick to push people away because they are not in there little group or don’t think that the person is “cool” enough to hang with them. It gets kind of ridiculous because it makes many people close minded because they always in the same environment share the same ideas usually with the same people without getting any input from others just their small group. Yet it also has advantages because if you have a click you have the security that you have people to hang out with usually and not find yourself wondering on your own or with just one or two others occasionally.

Best friends:
This is by far the most overused and miss understood group of all of them. You don’t understand how much I hate when people say ohh this is my bestfriend and such when they’ve just been hanging out for like a week or two a lot. I think for someone to be refereed to bestfriend from me takes a lot. Not just hanging out with the person for a month or so. I’m totally skipping that whole type of friend which I would name “close friend”. Reason being is this would get ridiculously long and such. How do I explain this in words this should be quite a challenge. A bestfriend and life friends have many similarities but quite different so trying to pick the right concepts that would distinguish the two of them. A bestfriend is someone who’ve you have become close to but have spent more than a couple months together. It is someone who you can call and receive calls from them to discuss different things or random stories just to exchange thoughts. They are the ones who your the closest to in a click or group but also might be someone you spent time with apart from the group when your not in the mood to be around the group. These are the people who won’t stab you in the back or turn on you when your confronted by something. They might disagree with you on many things but you two respect eachother with those difference and will support the other when it comes down to it if faced against others. These are the people you are comfortable with to have a deep talk with or open up too when your going though crisis though your life and know will listen. My experiences in life have provided me with some of these friends but not many. I’ve jumped around so much and moved from group to group so often that I only have a few but glad I do.

Life Friends:
This is so alike to a bestfriend that the only difference I would say is that Life Friends will probably be the friends you’ll have 10 years from now. I would say that a bestfriend is a life friend in itself but not all of them. Life friends have all the same characteristics that a bestfriend has but more. Why more? Well because a life friend is someone you probably grew up with your whole life. There will be times where you really haven’t been close at all with even years maybe but in the end it doesn’t matter. These are the people who you invite to your wedding and know they’ll be there even if you haven’t seen them in awhile. Life friends have this connection with you that you might not have with anyone else in the entire world. They will always be in the back of your head. These people are the real deal in your life. Your lucky to if you have more than one or two of these. I have to admit I’m lucky to have a few in my life. The problem is most of them I don’t keep to close in contact with but some I don’t know if they’ll even last. The future is totally unknown so these are the friends you’ll be looking at towards the middle of your life.

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