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Pretty Lights – Making Up A Changing Mind EP

by JM on March 12, 2010

Instead of Fire Friday Mix… Here is a Fire Friday EP!
Hott damn why did I sleep so much on this EP and not post it. The man himself, Derek Smith, has put out a new release that is absolutely stunning. Pretty Lights is truly something special if you haven’t heard them.

It’s a perfect fuse of hip-hop, glitch, dubstep, and funk! Not to mention this guy is a preformer using a Monome & MPD! Lets not forget Cory who plays drums live during some preformances.

Probably one of the best things about Pretty Lights is that he releases all his music for FREE!!! How amazing is that. You can tell he does it for the love and makes up for it while getting HUGE bookings.

This new EP is the first of a trilogy he plans to release. He has obviously put some serious thought into this. Making Up A Changing Mind is well thought out EP from each beat to every little sample.

I applaud everything this dou does. Fortunately had the oppertunity to see them a few months back. Hopefully if things go well I’ll get to catch his set at Ultra.

You can get all of their releases on their website.

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