Epstein y El Conjunto – When Man Is Full He Falls Asleep

by JM on February 23, 2010


Epstein y El Conjunto
When Man Is Full He Falls Asleep
Release Date: March 9th, 2010
Label: Asthmatic Kitty

01. Arrival to New York (a short story about getting there)
02. When we Hide (this time)
03. Vilcabamba
04. El Condor Despierta (El Conjunto Edit)
05. I can Memorize you (can you?)
06. Una Tarde
07. Gallop
08. Needed
09. BgBgBg (offset tape splice)
10. Our Brain That Wouldn’t Die
11. Temporary
12. A Lost Animal – Featuring School of Seven Bells
13. Ting and Pinge
14. There’s a Way under (Here)

Epstein seems to a really busy musician having released a number of albums prior to this one still this one is the first being release outside of Japan (Asthmatic Kitty will re-release the entire back catalog though).

The music is dreamy, somewhat jazzy, jam based and experimental and this album reminds me a bit about the later albums from the Norwegian band When.

For me personally it’s kind of hard getting into this album, nothing really sticks it just goes in through one ear and out of the other but still I find myself nodding my head when I listen to it but on the sad note is when the last track is played I really don’t remember much of what I’ve heard (the twelfth track “A Lost Animal” seems to be the “hit” though). I believe that the album is somewhat to “unstructured” for me to get a full value from it.

Epstein y El Conjunto @ Myspace
Roberto Carlos Lange
Asthmatic Kitty Records

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