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by JM on February 8, 2010


Your Local Dealer is a Swedish clothing brand that was brought to life by the shop Top Street Wear in Stockholm, they are mainly focusing on Street and Urban wear.

Much of their stuff is a bit to much “Hip Hop” for me personally, like pants with embroideries all over and the such of clothes you can see on you favorite Hip Hop star but recently they released four pairs of jeans that I really fell in love with, they call them just simply “basic jeans”. The jeans are made of raw black denim and the difference is the seams which are in different colors, you get khaki, green, purple and my favorite turquoise. I dig the striped down design and the contrast that the seams bring forth, the price is aslo really fair when it comes to these kind of clothes here in Sweden.

Don’t forget to check out their track jackets as well, they are also real nice.

Top Street Wear is one of Swedens biggest online shop when it comes to urban fashion and they ship worldwide so don’t hesitate to look through their site and see if you find something you like.

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(The pictures are used with permission from the owner)


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