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Afro Monk’s Debut on

by JM on January 28, 2010

Afro MonkLast Monday I had my debut show on!!!
I can’t tell you how excited I am to announce this.
I’ve been working real hard the past couple of months and I have a show now!
Every Monday from 11pm-1am EST I’ll be broadcasting on
It’s an honor to have a show and not to mention share a part of my music to listeners.
I still consider myself a rookie and still even have some big mess ups but I’m practicing all the time now and want to be perfect. I’m quite disappointed in this mix but really happy about the feedback I’ve received and know I’ll be a LOT more prepared for next week.

Thank you all who believe in me and support me.
Never did I imagine this would actually happen.

This mix shows off a lot of what I’m really into when it comes to music. Majority is glitch music with some touch of glitch hop, dubstep, and even some trip-hop. I hope to bring this vibe every week and keep tunes fresh every week. I’m most likely not going to allow myself to play the same tune more than twice a month and if I do even do that, the track is just that worthy. Hope you enjoy! Be sure to tune in and feel free to join in the chat located at

Here is the link to the mix:
Afro Monk’s Debut Show on 1/25/2010

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