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by JM on January 20, 2010


Around the middle of 2009 after diving deep into the Miami Dubstep scene here I started to look for more. I knew of IDM and cats like The Glitch Mob but wondered if there was more. Eventually I found I’d tune into the station at work and hear whatever mix they had going. It was something different from the usualy dubstep shows I heard and completely new sound.

I had spent so much time looking for dubstep for the past 2-3 yrs that it consumed me. I went a bit overboard. I was listening to dubstep 24/7 and always looking for latest dubplate and ordering records.

Eventually one night I was hanging out just relaxing and thought hey let me go into the chat room. What an experience! Just so happens that when I went in Sugarpill was doing a live show. While chatting it up and meeting all the regulars to the chat I find out Sugarpill is actually from FL but in Law School in California. What are the odds of me going in while a FL resident DJ is playing. I was hooked after that. has become a second family to me. They are a crazy bunch but some of the most helpful, caring, and interesting crew. I’ve come to meet all sorts of producers, DJs, programers, music lovers, etc… because of it.

Every day there’s most likely 1-2 shows and sometimes more if someone decides to pirate for awhile.

After becoming a regular and getting to know some of the DJs, I decided that I wanted my own show. I’m an aspiring DJ and know I might be a total newb stuff I want this. What other way to start than to have a 2hr show every week. It’ll keep me on the drive of keeping up to date with all the latest tracks plus PRACTICE!

If I could do a fresh 2hr set every week and have something of my own there with a crew than the sky’s the limit. I’ve switched all my energy, free time, and interest to glitch. I call Dubstep now my ex girlfriend which I’ll never forget and still love BUT it’s time to move on and find some new things. Wish I had time to explore IDM more but we’ll see. I have a lot of flexability when it comes to a radioshow rather than playing out at a party or club.

I can’t thank the crew enough for everything. They’ve been such a huge part of everything I’m doing. Glad to feel part of something and giving back now with my new 2hr show.

Expect lots of crunk, glitch hop, and bass. Also will be throwing in some exclusive mixes from talented producers and DJs I’ve been in contact with. It’s only going up from here. Looking to form a solid crew here in Miami and bring them onto the show as well.

Starting January 25th 2010!

Mondays 11pm-1am EST

Keeping in FRESH!

Also for you iPhone users you can get the Shoutcast App and listen to on your iPhone if driving or hanging out somewhere. Once you have the App downloaded go into settings and scroll down to ShoutCast and turn on ‘Allow hi-bit streams’. After that just search for glitch and you’ll find the station. There’s a good selection of archive mixes going on while there are no live shows.
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