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Omega – Spectrum Mix 2010 – Dubstep

by JM on January 13, 2010


Right now I mainly support indie producers. Luckily for me most of this music I’m into is in it’s beginning phase. This means lots of the people involved are easy to get ahold of.

A friend I’ve made is my boy Omega. This guy is going to make it BIG soon. His remixes and originals are simply breath taking. I get goosebumps whenever I hear his CocoRosie remix.

He recently just put out a new mix and I have to share. I’ve sort of taken a step back from Dubstep but man mixes like these remind me why I obsessed over Dubstep for so long.

Big up to Omega on this Mix!
You going to kill it in 2010…

Omega Spectrum Mix

01. Hallucinogen In Dub – Mi-Loony-Um
02. Nero – Bad Trip
03. Simian Mobil Disco – Cruel Intentions (Joker Remix)
04. Ill Gates & Misha – Sweatshop (Antiserum Remix)
05. Reso – Beasts in the Basement
06. Omega – Designer Dreams
07. Zeno – Clish
08. Larry Tee – Hipster Girl (Evol Intent Remix)
09. Amanda Blank – Might Like You Better (Vaski Remix)
10. Britney Spears – Womanizer (Borgore Remix)
11. Feelix Da Housecat – Kick Drum (Propa Tingz Remix)
12. Mood Deluxe – Secret Agent 666
13. Omega – Bulletproof
14. Omega – Senses Disconnect
15. Nit Grit – Tip Toein’
16. Omega – Hypnotoad
17. Tiesto – Knock You Out (Omega Remix)
18. Lady Gaga – Just Dance (Omega Remix)
19. Liquid Stranger – Mutants
20. The Beatles – Come Together (Omega Remix)
21. CocoRosie – Promise (Omega Edit)
22. Samples – Blakka
23. Bird of Prey – Atrium (Original Mix)
24. Inner Party System – Last Night In Brooklyn (NumberNin6 Remix)
25. CocoRosie – Werewolf (Omega Remix)

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