Technics stops producing 1200s – Turntables retired rumor

by JM on November 28, 2009

There is a rumor going around that Panasonic the parent company of Technics will stop producing the stable turntables that we’ve all been so familiar with. Technic 1200s have been the industry standard for decades when it came to a DJs setup. The recent transition to CDJs and digital controllers seem to have finally taken away market share of the traditional vinyl ways. This is a major blow to the traditional godfathers of DJing.

As of now I haven’t found a legit source but it if were true, I wouldn’t be surprised. One thing I can’t help but wonder… how will this affect the price of MK5s once they are sold out at major retailers. How much longer will we see DJs using vinyl?

The details explain that Panasonic will completely stop production in 2010. This might be the best time to get a pair of 1200s. Now I almost regret getting a pair instead of the Vestax’s. Who knows MK5s could become a serious collectors item in a few years.

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