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Low End Theory Podcast Episode 9

by JM on November 16, 2009


If there is one event that I wish I could attend right now it’s Low End Theory in LA. All the allstars are out there and preform on a weekly basis. Low End Theory might be the deciding factor when move out to California in future to be in LA over SF.

What’s wild is that it pops off on a Wenesday. I see all the flyers and event announcements about Low End Theory. One thing that is great besides the event itself is its podcast series.

They are on episode 9 now. Their eposide 8 was explosive and preview of the newest Glitch Mob material. Episode 9 brings us tons of new beats from Daddy Kev and Dibiase.

Be sure to check out all the Podcast from The Low End Theory! Some serious work on these mixes at

Listen to new Episode 9!

Big up LA and the whole Low End Crew…
I’ll be out there soon enough!

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