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Fire Friday Mix – Amina’s – The Gathering Live

by JM on November 6, 2009


Another fireeee mix for you on this beautiful Friday.
This mix I’ll be honest, I haven’t even heard the whole thing yet and listening to it now as I put this post together. This Friday’s mix is from a FL resident, Amina.

I’ve been hanging out with a friend for awhile spinning records and just jamming. One of the times we hung out I was telling him about Glitch and he’s like yo I know this one dude you have to totally meet check out this mix while we in the car. I heard the mix and what I heard was exactly what I wanted to do as a DJ. I never caught the dudes name but knew he was in West Palm Beach. Not till recently did I catch wind of this new cat these ppl discovered and how they describe he style as all over the spectrum of music from dubstep, uk funky, glitch, etc… I was like damn someone who drops the glitch, hell yeah!

Last night I find out that the two are one in the same. Without hesitation I present you with this mix! Hoping to meet this guy real soon and hopefully catch one of his sets this week-end!


The Gathering Live by Amina

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