Miami Dubstep – Arcade Saturdays at White Room

by JM on October 11, 2009

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Miami Dubstep – There’s a new weekly night in town starting October 17th, Arcade at White Room. This is going to be another big event every week to add to the dubstep scene here in Miami. The first night to kick off brings in legendary DJ Bassnectar back to Miami. Bassnectar is one of the biggest acts around that brings the bass and energy levels to new heights. He headlined one of the nights at Lollapalooza this year and there’s unbelievable footage of it on the net that you should check out.

The week after that on October 24th they have Drop the Lime stopping by. I know a lot of people are anticipating checking that night. I’m sure you’ll see a large diverse group of people that night. Drop the Lime has made quite a name for himself running the Trouble & Bass label. He sounds take from all sorts of roots and blends it into this trendy bass loving sound that people have come to love.

Halloween lands on a Saturday so you know what that means… Halloween party and a special guest, 12th Planet. As of now I don’t have set plans for Halloween but this might be a consideration for the night. 12th Planet aka Infiltra comes all the way from the West Coast to rock it. I caught him a WMC party at White Room and he plays some fresh cuts. Let’s see what my Halloween brings me…

November 7th right now is listed as Mixhell on the bill. While to be completely honest I’ve never heard of the Mixhell project I’m sure it might be something work checking out considering it’s a husband and wife dou. From reading up quite a bit about them it seems like they are quite diverse in their sound. Igor Cavalera, was the drummer for Sepultura and has tons of projects he works on. This might be something different and going to see what happens that night. I’ve seen Caspa’s name come up for this same night so we’ll see what happens.

November 14th brings Klever. This one I’m quite excited about. I’m hoping that Craze joins him for this set. Klever is one of the best turntablist right now in my opinion and when he teams up with Craze it gets WILD. This is a show I definitely plan on attending and really hope they have the setup where you can actually catch him scratching. This should be a great night if there are no issues with the decks or needle bouncing.

That is quite a line up for a new weekly event. Saturday’s definitely seem to have gotten a lot better here in Miami for bass lovers. After Nov 14th there is an empty gap that I’m sure will get filled up but we do know that Rusko is coming into town December 19th. Rusko absolutely murders dance floors. I’ll never forget the night I first saw him live at WMC. He is one of the coolest nicest guys out there.

If there any event I’m looking forward too its Bassnectar and definitely Rusko!
I’m sure this is only the start of more good things to come to Miami.

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