Afro Monk’s Top Must Have 15 Albums

by JM on October 6, 2009

I personally think I listen to a lot of music. Might not be lots of different times of music at a given time but feel like I’ve heard more music than the average person. I’ve been thinking about that question you get every so often, “What are your favorite bands/artist/DJs?”.

I’ve decided to put together a list of albums that I feel represent me as an individual and have played a huge part of my own soundtrack. This is my life of MUST HAVE albums. You might even find something you might even like =O

I’ll start off with what is more commonly known by the masses and move down to the more obscure.

Pink Floyd – Wish You Were Here
This album to me is my favorite Pink Floyd album and I consider them one of my favorite bands.

Bueno Vista Social Club – Self Titled
This album will forever mark history and show the world what Cuban music is really about. This is one of those albums that will hold a special place in my heart because I grew up in Miami. The sound of this just makes you think what it must of been like in Cuba before Castro.

The Fugees – The Score
This album is a classic for everybody. It’s one of the first albums I’ve ever enjoy at the start of my musical interest. I can listen to this album in whatever mood I’m in.

Bjork – Post
Bjork is one of my favorite vocalist in music today. Everything about this album is sexy and passionate. I can’t help but put this album on every week or so.

Wyclef Jean – The Carnival
This is one of the first albums I ever bought with my own money. I’ll never forget listening to this album for the first time. I was sitting in the office studying for a history test. Had one of those portable CD players and jammed out hard.

Fiona Apple – Tidal
I’ll never forget this album. It reminds me of summers when my older sister would be in town from college. Fiona’s voice is tantalizing and makes me feel so comfortable yet knowing her overall tone is bitter. I use to fall asleep to this album for years.

The Mars Volta – EVERYTHING.
This is hands down my favorite band. Omar Rodriguez Lopez is the most under rated guitarist in the music business right now. Everything about these guys I totally enjoy. Their music just puts me in this trance like state.

Coheed & Cambria – Second Stage Turbine Blade
I’ll never forget hearing this for the first time and thinking man did I download a bad copy where the vocals are messed up. Nope! Claudio is in his own class as a front man. I admit I didn’t like at first but wow how it soared to the top of my charts after the 2nd listen.

Sigur Ros – ( )
This is pure love. Another album that I use to fall asleep to on a daily basis for a large period of my life. The music is just raw emotion.

Cursive – Burst & Bloom
It’s hard to chose just one album for Cursive. Domestica & The Ugly Organ have been albums as well as Burst and Bloom that just make me feel happy inside. This band one of those bands that I completely found by random chance and said I’ll listen to them till the day I die.

Further Seems Forever – The Moon is Down
I don’t care who you are and what you think of the ’emo movement’ this album meant a lot to me during high school break ups. I admit it, I’m quite a sensitive guy when you get to know me.

Glassjaw – EVERYTHING!
God this band is just pure rage and passion all in one. I couldn’t get into them at all but I’ll never forget being in the backseat of a car when Ry Ry’s Song came on and everyone was singing and it just clicked. Beyond excited to be flying out to Boston to catch these guys and their new material.

Poison the Well – The Opposite of December
Back when I was young I was just like how I am today. A calm collective focused person. Back then I had an outlet, mosh pits. These guys were that band that you always just want to relive those moments in the pit. They always take me to that place of bliss of just me, the music, and thrashing.

Halou – Wiser
This album means the world to me. This is one of those bands and albums that has never been found by society yet complete definition of Love. This album has such great meaning to me on so many levels. The singer of this band has to be on par with Bjork in my eyes, I’m telling you beautiful. If there is any albums on this list that I say you HAVE to have right now and listen to right away it’s this one and the next one.

Ooah – Of Porcelain
This is the only album on here that actually is electronic music. It probably comes to many as a surprise that there aren’t any dubstep albums on here. To be honest this is the one album that I would want to be on here that has to do with electronic music. This album is a huge inspiration to me. When I saw Glitch Mob in Chicago and shook Ooah’s hand after the Smart Bar set I told him Of Porcelain is a masterpiece and meant it. This possibly is my favorite out of all of the ones listed above right now. I would kill to get a copy of this on Vinyl. It’s a shame that this never got pressed. If I could help in any way getting this pressed I would. I can’t say enough about this album. Thank you Ooah.

I could of easily made this Top 20 albums but decided to keep it real to what I listen to on a regular basis. I did leave out some of my favorite breaks, drum & bass, and dubstep albums but you know what these truly represent me and listen to on regular basis. These are the albums that get to me inside no matter what. I can sit back and play these albums through at any given time.

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