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Glitch FM – Featured Djs – Sugarpill & .Spec

by JM on September 27, 2009


The past two month or so I’ve sort of moved on a bit from Dubstep. Don’t get me wrong I love the music but I wanted something new and fresh. It almost seems like the dubstep bug is fading in me. I’ve always known about Glitch but never really followed it more than the typical artist like The Glitch Mob. After digging a bit deeper into Glitch and what it has to offer I fell in love with the Glitch Hop sound. It’s exotic yet so familiar.

After finding out all the latest and biggest stars in Glitch Hop I wanted more. I found Glitch FM recently and haven’t looked back. This community of people running Glitch FM is the real deal. They have been extremely friendly and open. Recently have been trying to get invovled and push this further. It’s hard when the Glitch Hop movement is predominately in the East Coast but I hope to change that with time. I’ve recently talked to many people active in the Glitch FM community. I’ve had small discussions with two of the DJs that have a weekly on the show, Sugarpill & .Spec.


The first night I ended up tuning into Glitch FM it so happened to be right during a live radio show done by Sugarpill. The mix was heavy and just piled high with exclusives and unreleased tracks. I’ll never forget that set and specific tracks in the set. Later found out during the set that Sugarpill use to live in FL but recently relocated to CA. Mentioned was in Miami and BAMMM one of Otto’s tracks comes on. Great to hear a FL DJ represent! Looking forward to tuning into his next set on Thursday night. Here is a mix I’ve uploaded… If you haven’t heard much Glitch Hop this is a great introduction. This mix is a big inspiration for me and what I want to do. Don’t sleep on this mix because its BIGGG! Check out Sugarpill online.

Sugarpill’s Whompsticle Mix!


Another DJ I met was .Spec online. I didn’t get to catch his set live but did chat with him for a bit. He even gave me some DJ tips and real cool guy. He’s over there in Seattle for Decibel Festival. Talked about some of the different styles of mixing and DJs out there. Overall real good insight into somethings. I checked out some of his mixes online that he provided me with. Even jamming to one of them as I type this up. Definitely digging his style and no crazy bass just solid tracks blended perfectly together. You can catch his show on Saturday nights. You can also pick up some of his mixes on his site .Spec907

Check out .Spec’s Rev4.2.1 Galatea Mix

I’ve recently discussed starting a night of just glitch here in Miami. It’s a bit of a long shot but would love to be part of something new here in Miami. This is such a large metropolitan city and if I’m in it right now, there is no reason to start something that would invovled with music. I’m a huge believer that this style of music could be extremely welcomed here and no reason to be West Coast exclusive. For now I’ll just keep practicing and hope to improve my skills to maybe even spin some of this music so people can hear it out. Got to bring something different to the table as a DJ so you are remembered as a good friend put it…

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