Charlie Pyott – Lino – Concept Record Player

by JM on September 25, 2009

Charlie Pyott LinoCharlie Pyott Lino ConceptLino by Charlie Pyott

Designer Charlie Pyott has come up with a portable record player, the Lino. As a recent adopter of vinyl this seem extremely appealing. Not very practical for audio quality but something I’d possibly look into if had reasonable price tag.

The way it works is visually shown above. Two cables come out of the device, USB and Audio. The USB could power the unit via computer/laptop or power outlet. The audio cables I assume would be set of RCA’s on the opposite side.

This thing would turn any coffee table or flat service into a turntable. I’m going to say that this device is probably a terrible idea for scratching and DJing. Could be useful for a DJ though if get some freshly cut vinyl from a producer and want to check it out on the fly.

Hope to see this for sale one day…

Check out more of his designs:  Charlie Pyott

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