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Afro Monk joins The Untz!

time November 30th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , ,

It’s such a honor and accomplishment to be asked to be part of The Untz. Avi who runs it is such a great person and wanted to find a way to make this work. He offered me a spot for a weekly column. I thought a lot about it and decided this is perfect way I can help others get more involved.

Right now I’ve drafted up a few ideas and plan on moving forward with them and formatting them into articles posted weekly. This is the first installment of What it is to be a DJ. I hope you all enjoy the article. There will be a follow up to this article next week.

Thank you ALL for the support. I’ve been getting some very inspiring messages. I love being connected to everyone personally. My inbox has grown a tremendous amount but hope to respond to each and everyone of your messages. Thank you for all the inquires about the new project I’m working on for interns. Everyone who has sent me an e-mail interested should be hearing back from me soon. I’m trying to organize something that’s much larger than I can handle myself.

Be sure to browse around The Untz, they have some quality content and have put serious time into building such a massive project. Except something similar on a smaller scale. I’m sure I’ll be teaming up with them on that as well possibly. Much respect and Love!

What it is to be a DJ: The Philosophy

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