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NICO LUMINOUS – Love is Waiting

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NICO LUMINOUS self-releases “Love is Waiting” on December 9th, 2015 and it’s a fresh trip hop, chillout, and bass innovation through conscious, soul ,and downtempo production fused in with stylistic intention.  This is Trip hop for Lovers.  Still fully embodying full West Coast Hip-Hop spirit, this full-length album composed of 13 tracks, Nico brings back a fresh feel through classic bass lines, funky whistling melodies, lyrical depth, artist collaboration, minimal drums, and romantic-felt magic.  I met Nico back at Art Outside ’13, as he was “scoping out the scene” before his set.  Since then, I’ve been following his music!  Hand painted Art Work by Hanz Haveron.  feel good songs

West Coast musical artist Nico Luminous is a gifted DJ/Producer/MC/Beatboxer/Vocalist who takes a fun and soulful approach to creating electronic music. Bouncing drum beats, sparkling chord pads, futuristic bass synths fused with organic elements create his unique brand of “Glitch-a-Delic Soul Whomp”. Based in Los Angeles, Nico’s high energy performances and releases keep him travelling every weekend to a new city or festival. With a residency at the monthly “The Big Bass All Star Variety Show” in Hollywood as well as spots on KXLU radio and many other events this year in California, Austin, Oregon, Georgia, Arizona, Costa Rica and Canada. Nico is blazing a trail everywhere he goes and word is traveling fast about his signature party rocking style.   He’s the only artist today performing with a wireless effects and looper pedal belt that seamlessly incorporates into his all original DJ sets. Influences of Hip Hop, Dub, and Dancehall are laden throughout and the music has an irresistibly uplifting vibe.

Check out “Moon Buddy Cadillac”, self-released by Nico Luminous himself 11/11/2014

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Electric Dandelion – Metamorphosis [Muti Music]

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Electric Dandelion releases Metamorphosis on Muti Music [San Francisco] earlier this Summer, and it’s a deep sacred dub experience, an examination of the higher self, a psychedelic experience, an entrance to the portal of your spirit’s origin.  Alan Joseph, both a producer and designer, resides and holds a residency in L.A., California, called BurnLA.  I discovered Electric Dandelion at this year’s Sonic Bloom while wandering by the booths, when I spotted a booth full of recognizable beautiful and warm hoods of rich designs.  It was then when I had a flash back to the previous summer [2013] here in Austin, TX when someone had passed along his info on his hoods at a (Pre Burning Man Gathering, called Frabjous, for the unveiling of the Cathedral of Celestial Mathgic). Soon after, we chatted as I held my newly purchased and comforting hood that was to keep me warm the rest of the weekend in South Park, CO.  He mentioned that he was performing at the Dome that Saturday.  It is then when I discovered his exquisite dub and bass soundscapes, a first time live experience, a discovery of new sounds.  With more than 10 years experience behind him with music production, Electric Dandelion can be seen as a versatile producer of many styles.  From bass-filled journeys, to psychedelic melodic feels, all in a dub and downtempo atmosphere, he will hypnotize, elevate, inspire, and twist you into a luminous dimension.

Metamorphosis consists of 9 dub wonders full of dubs within dubs: Slither, Enchanted Memories, Ignite, Eclipse, Al, Whole Lotta Dopeness, Nathayan, Sacradelic, & Adea.  Slither has a mysterious downtempo vibe to it, an electric slither of dubstep feels, attached with bass growls, and deep hitting bass lines will open up blockages.  A crescendo soon follows and reveals a mixture of dub accelerations and fast forwarding glitch.  “Could You know…” is sporadically heard throughout the track.. Enchanted Memories is a heavenly synth of initial snare strikes.  A dub feel with trippy vocalizations can be heard.  Hard-hitting bass lines create a rhythmic floor and will captivate the mind.  It’s as if the memories are spoken of through sound, a story of realizations made possible through laser beams and otherworldly sound effects and composition.  Ignite is an enchanting cast of melodic bass growls and 808 dubs.  He really does a good job of twirling your imagination and wrapping it against a never ending glitch escape.  Beats so fresh, beats so fresh.

Alan Joseph

Eclipse is a luscious synth exploration as it initially reveals a groovy flow and break down beat.  The beat and vocals are ethereal throughout the entire song, as the second half is consistent with deep bass howls – an enchantment.  Al has deep feels with the  combination of dubstep and chilltrap on a midtempo beat.  Crescendos are highlighted in this track, a very fresh outlook.  Whole Lotta Dopeness is indeed a whole lotta dopeness. A dubstep flow is present with Hip-Hop vocalizations saying “There’s a whole lotta dopeness“, which is tied with sleek bass lines and sexy drops of glitch candy swirls.  Midway through the track, there’s a glitch uplift, rather than a “drop”, brilliant.  Nathayan  is glitch downtempo with repetitive beat that is invigorating. A release of energy is felt through high semioccasional vocals.   Sacradelic is a minimal trip hop illumination of synth hums and drones blended within. As the track progresses, ascending bass fixtures add their own eerie vibe as it perfectly syncs up with other elements.  Adea is a downtempo fuse of intricate obscure elements, a bewitching sounding chant is fused in between giving it more of a spiral twist.  Glitch bass lines create a slow motion dance as ascensions will take you back to phase 1.

Electric Dandelion is a deep spiritual guide filled with visible and audible expertise, a unique story of emergence made possible through his trip-hop and psychedelic love.  This multi-instrumentalist has a unique vibe to him, both style and sound, he will continue to weave and create from the soulful entity within him.  Metamorphosis is a cerebral journey felt through the heart of the composer and listener, it’s a deep meditation that will open up channels of new energy healing.  It is a transformation of light and energy, it reveals possibility beyond Earth, it illuminates the importance of change and direction.  In order to grow, we expose ourself to change, by either stepping out of our comfort zone, or eliminating a blockage in order to enter a new phase, Electric Dandelion has done that through dub sound.  From having played at several festivals such as Sonic Bloom, Lucidity, Enchanted Forest, Lightning in a Bottle, and Burning Man, he will continue to push his creativity so be on the look out for him.  If you’re a fan of Desert Dwellers, David Starfire, and Living Light, you will dig Alan’s sound world which is rooted in psychedelic dub influences that will immerse you into a deeper understanding of meaning.


 LISTEN TO Metamorphosis:

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Govinda – “Luminance” [Artist Spotlight]

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Govinda released “Luminous” on May 20th, 2014, which marks his 13th release – 11 albums, 1 remix EP, and a Vinyl release. The alchemist of sexy world bass music is back with a luscious 8-track album full of hauntingly sexy vibes and illuminations with incorporations of various collaborations of heart-felt and powerful vocalists out of this seemingly illusion-full world. Shane Madden has developed such an otherworldly beat that is triggering brain waves and pulses through the eyes and souls of others. Get ready for a dynamic touch to the heart chakra which will uplift you and magically reveal and unlock the mysteries of the universe and beyond. “Luminance” brings forth a powerful rush of eerie and sexy frequencies that are sure to run chills down your spine, twice. His live performances are a mastery of perfection as “time” moves forth.  I’ve experienced his live performances countless times since 2011, the night that we met and became friends at a Banjos to Beats show in Dallas, TX. He always creates a uniquely powerful audible/visual experience, whether it’s just him on the stage or with one of his enchanting dancers.  He has gained a momentum which is about to create a luminous explosion of energy through us, a forth-moving otherworldly universe to come.  Shane Madden currently resides here in Austin,TX and when not at home with his family, or traveling on tour, or cooking up new Sacred Middle Eastern yet psychedelic frequencies, you’ll find him exploring and dining around town as he is an adventurous lively character.

Luminance” consists of 8-tracks: “Light Arrives” (feat. Bee Born)”,”Panther”  (feat. Irina Mikhailova),”Possibilities” (feat. ill-esha), “Levitated Dancer”, “Break the Spell” ( feat. Sophie Holt), Gypsy Side Show” (feat. Susan Zuzka Allan), “Angel Freezing (Jacked Up Mix)”, & “Om Tare (re-thought remix feat. Irine Mikhailova). “Light Arrives” (ft. Bee Born) illuminates the theme of the album – vibrant luminous escapades full of alien-esque whomps and laser space beams full of depth and emotion. Shane’s production style and composition is very forth-moving and his dark yet lively rhythms are yet again illuminated by Bee’s harmonious and seductive vocals.  “Panther” (ft. Irina Mikhailova) teleports me back to a spiritual ancient past composed of seductive melodies and bass growls and roars. His dexterous violin playing skills blend well with his trip-hop frequencies which are poured through the light of his alien-being while Irina’s vocals resonate with his beat, making it a two-way street. “Possibilities” (feat. ill-esha) delivers a hauntingly breathtaking message of possibilities. Govinda’s experimental production style meshed with ill-esha’s powerful lyrics creates a never-ending momentum of synchronicities. What enhances it even more is her mesmerizing vocals which reveal limitless emotion and feels. The production level is beyond future…it presents possible time-travel, foreshadows, past-life regressions, opens up channels, and astral projection all through textured rhythms of never-ending weaving bass twists of infinite possibilities beyond Earth and Time. Waking life.

“Levitated Dancer” builds up a crescendo of thrills and chills of trip-hop whomps. The portal to the unknown has been unlocked. A deep rooted ancient melodic downtempo beat will ignite a sixth sense. Textures of psychedelic feels will make your heart pump endless light. Aums and Mantras add to the overall mythical theme as his violin adds a luminous story of it’s own, a sacred touch of otherworldly soundscapes sure to levitate you and create an out-of-body experience.  “Break the Spell” (ft. Sophie Holt) howls in next, a full moon full of squelches and squishes meant to cast a spell. An unparalleled frequency of dream-state forces induced to create within you a lucid dream, and a feeling of continuous crave. A burning desire of fire felt within having being blinded my the love of your prey. These deeply felt lyrics blend well with his composition. “Gypsy Side Show” (ft. Susan Zuzka Allan) is another perfect addition to Luminance as it continues to illuminate the shadows of the universe. Another forth-moving culmination of hauntingly beautiful melodies that will take you to another realm through angelic drones of light. Both “Angel Freezing” and “Om Tare”(feat. Irina Mikhailova) are re-visited tracks with a whole new set of beats and laser beams accompanied by textured tones meant to amplify and deepen the experience.  “Angel Freezing (jacked upmix) completely froze time and teleported me into a celestial atmosphere full of depth and intricate wobbly composition.  “Om Tare (rethought mix ft. Irina Mikhailova) is a auditory exploration of sensual mantras by Irina Mikhailova.  The violin gracefully warms up with the other transcendental melodies.

Govinda is a power of light full of brilliance and the dedication that he feels for progression of his sounds is endless.  He has developed a style so mysteriously fresh that will continue to bring forth existence of other realms.  When asking Shane about the story behind this album he responded with: “As for the story, I think this album is about finding my light inside then finding tones, textures and melodies that beam it out again.” “Luminance” surely reveals his intention and is also sure to bring forth frequencies that will even trigger your own light inside, which will teleport you beyond time and space, and back to your spirit origin. As he continues to continuously experiment trip-hop melodies and instrumentation such as the violin, he will continue to push boundaries in today’s conscious bass music.

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Downtempo, Trip-hop, Future Garage, and Chill Out Online Radio, is my new project that I launched. It’s an online radio station that focuses on obviously future bass but as well as downtempo, trip-hop, chill out, future garage, deep house, soul, funk, etc… Ultimately the goal was to create a stream of music that plays 24/7. The music on the station will be crowd sourced by taste makers like yourself.

There will be LIVE radio shows as well as a new unique format for listeners to get involved. Playlist Shows are time blocks for individual users to host their own show that features some of their favorite tracks that they want to share. All that is required is sending in your 15 tracks (minimum) every week or every other week. Those tracks will stream on the station for your designated time slot. You can get creative and record yourself talking and submit those sound bites along with the tracks.

One thing that I want to stress is the fact that this station will focus on playing CHILL music. There will be no raging dubstep, electro house, trap, moombahton, etc… Expect music to vibe too at any hour of the day.

As time progresses I hope to create unique playlist for each hour of the day. Right now I’ve been uploading some of my favorite tracks randomly and have the station play them. Eventually there will be set types of music for certain blocks of the day if there isn’t a scheduled live show or playlist show.

Now I welcome you to go check out!
Get involved and apply for a show!

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Lounge Temple

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I’ve been working on a new project for 2012 and it’s about time I share it with you all! The past few months I’ve become a bit more critical than usual. Bass music hasn’t been doing what it use to do for me. My relocation back home to Miami has changed a lot of things especially my life style. When I lived in Texas I was always out with friends, partying, DJing, traveling, etc… Now I spend most of my time relaxing enjoying the ocean breeze on my balcony. My nights consist of digging for more music and that peaceful state of mind. I’ve grown up and feel like an adult. Music now plays a different role for me now.

It’s not that I’m disappearing now but expect much of my focus to go in this new direction. Lounge Temple is ultimately Afro Monk 2.0 with its primary genres being downtempo, trip-hop, and future bass. It’s a lot more laid back and lounge like.

Not only will the site be something new i’ll be exploring but also have a supporting weekly lounge night here in Miami. I’ve been offered an industry night at The Stage here in Miami. It offers a great environment as well as chance to start something entirely different from your typical club rave night. Gooddroid and I will be playing lounge music ever Sunday night! Chilled Out Sundays starts up February 19th, 2012!

For more information and your chilled out needs go to:
Lounge Temple: Downtempo, Trip-hop, & Future Bass Blog

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The Goal of

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Dear Readers,

It has been awhile since I wrote a post that doesn’t have to do with a specific release or spotlight. I’ve been meaning to write a piece about the website but I’ve been quite busy. I just recently relocated back to Miami, FL.

The website has been around for over two years now. It’s crazy to think it has been that long. It seems like it was just yesterday when I built it. The purpose of this website was to post music I found and help support my friend’s music.

Recently I’ve seen an increase in music blogs and resources online. There’s so much music out there that people are finally using online mediums to share and promo new music. I’m happy to see this evolution of online promotion because it gives chances for new producers and DJs to gain exposure.

The format of this blog is a bit different as I mainly write about people I’ve personally connected with online. The site after all is which is my DJ name and story of my experiences tied together with music. I want to give readers, fans, and music lovers more than just a download link. It’s important to me as a DJ to have a personal connection with the music versus just playing what’s hot or popular. I actually take pride in making sure that all the music I do play out to a crowd is by people I personally know versus just scanning through Beatport for something that’s in the charts.

The main goal of this post is to let my existing fan base, readers, new visitors, producers, and people interested in getting a featured on the site know that this website is designed for a specific sound., has no plans to expand into something huge and ultimate resource for electronic music. The objective for this website is to provide a place where SPECIFIC niche of music will be written about. Ultimately what I’m trying to say is that there will be NO BROSTEP. The site will always be a niche site and for people who are interested in the softer chiller side of electronic music.

I recently started a room, glitch / chill dubstep / IDM. The purpose of the room was to create a room where I could create a place to listen/play music that I love and can sit back and listen to at work. We have a great following already and it continues to grow. The reason for this is due to the fact that we are extremely picky and have no problem with trolling the crap out of heavy dubstep. The room is designed to follow a specific format.

I have no problem pushing this specific sound. This does not mean that it’s all I support but in the current state of dubstep and electronic music we have people like Skrillex introducing the masses into electronic music. My goal is to create different mediums such as, room, mixes, etc… that promote a sexier side to electronic music. The influx of people interested in electronic music is great but there’s too many websites/blogs that push things due to the fact that they are popular or fit a generic genre. We’ve seen a rise in some massive websites overnight but catering specific to this sound Skrillex, Bassnectar, Nero, Flux Pavilion, etc… It’s not that these producers don’t have diversity but it’s more of the fact that people are constantly promoting specific major artist and sound.

I had a talk with my talented new writers Ed and Tara about this and let them know that will continue to push a softer chiller side to electronic music. We encourage you to send us e-mails about anything new you hear about that fits to a setting where you’re lightning one up and just want to take in the music. It doesn’t even have to be electronic music per say but have a lounge chill feel to it. I can’t tell you how much I enjoy trip-hop and wish there would be more music created in that realm vs aggressive bass sounds that have become so extreme.

For the love of God realize that this website will not promote or post anything that resembles BROSTEP. If you can’t close your eyes and relax while listening to the music chances are we won’t consider. CHILL SEXY MUSIC PLZ.

Thank you for all the support over the years.

I’m sorry if any of you take this post as something negative but understand there are thousands of dubstep blogs out there now that post the heaviest filthiest sounds out there. This site is designed to be a contrast to this trend of music.
Please send any music you feel that fits into our goal to

– JM

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Mimi Page | Artist Spotlight

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About two weeks ago my good friend Stephan Jacobs came into town to help me get a kick start into the production game. After a brief overview of some basics I discovered what I adore is playing piano and writing a melody. Mimi Page’s sound is everything I hope to reach one day.

Ethan, owner of Subsythesis, an amazing friend and overall lover of music turned me onto Mimi Page. He told me to check her out and my mouth dropped when I checked out here music. It’s absolutely gorgeous. The piano work and downtempo feel is totally what has been capturing my heart versus the heavy bass lines lately.

I’ll be honest I don’t know much about her and don’t have much to say other than I love her music and her voice. Majority of the post I write I’m very familiar with their music and/or the person. This is something entirely new I’ve never heard and excited to hear more music from her.

Mimi, thank you for sharing your music. You’ve totally made a fan out of me from just hitting play once.


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oOoOO | Quietus Mix | Artist Spotlight

time January 11th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , , , , , ,

oOoOO a new discovery! This evening I was randomly on facebook and came across a music link from Samples. I can always count on Ben listening to some headie music always. After I hit play I was totally blown away. Never had I come across such unique sounds as I was listening to in some time. Apparently it’s called Witch House or Drag. The past couple years its been glitch/glitch-hop for me and not so much chill stuff as I’d like till recently. The track was a remix by SF based oOoOO. I had never heard of the dude before but man what joy it has been since I hit play on soundcloud.

oOoOO is Christopher Dexter and has definitely made a name for himself. He has three releases out to date. The most recent self-titled release was pressed to vinyl and out on Tri Angle records. The release has been featured in Spin, xlr8r, and Pitchfork. It also was just put as #1 release on boomkat for 2010. Needless to say that’s quite impressive. I have no idea how I slept on this. This electronic chill pop dark style is exactly the sort of stuff I’ve been searching for to add depth to live sets.

November 2010 he released a special mix for Quietus. It is part of their mixes series and is officially came out as Quietus Mix 003: The Opaque Sounds Of oOoOO. I’ve been completely hypnotized by this mix. It’s a perfect blend of downtempo, pop, female vocals, goth, chill, experimental, etc… Check it out below. Hopefully I can get a copy to download.

[ Track list ]
1] Intro
2] Butterclock – Crush
3] Marina And The Diamonds – Oh No! (Active Child Remix)
4] Emily Reo – Metal On Your Skin
5] Jana Hunter – Its Not Your Stereo
6] The Angels- Cry Baby Cry
7] Visions Of Trees – Kings (Ooooo Remix)
8] Lata Mangeshka – Mohe Bhool Gaye Sawariya
9] Grouper – Make Me Over
10] Katy B – Katy On A Mission
11] Nico – Frozen Warnings Ft. Alicia Keys
12] Sonic Youth – Sweet Shine

Here are a few of my favorite tunes from his soundcloud:

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Afro Monk’s Archives on

time February 5th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , , ,


Here are two mixes I’ve done in recent weeks. Both of them were broadcasted on Live. I’m becoming quite a fan of being able to go on the air.

Afro Monk’s Late Night Trip Hop Hijack

This mix I did when I was feeling all emo and stuff. I’ve never really mixed trip-hop and haven’t mastered the art of beat matching so this can get a bit dodgy at times. This was more for the feel and listening to the songs. Poured out some of my favorite tunes in here. Later on in the mix I switched it up to play a little FL Breaks and into a pre-recorded Miami Bass mix that had there.

Afro Monk & Munkz – – Liturgy of the Hours

This is the recording of my set on last weeks show. Can’t believe I have a weekly show. I decided to team up with my close friend Munkz for this. Figured I’d bring the glitch and he brings the whomp. We ended up doing a ghetto rig there and turned out his portion of the show sounded like complete crap so just uploading my first hour.

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Afro Monk’s Debut on

time January 28th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , , ,

Afro MonkLast Monday I had my debut show on!!!
I can’t tell you how excited I am to announce this.
I’ve been working real hard the past couple of months and I have a show now!
Every Monday from 11pm-1am EST I’ll be broadcasting on
It’s an honor to have a show and not to mention share a part of my music to listeners.
I still consider myself a rookie and still even have some big mess ups but I’m practicing all the time now and want to be perfect. I’m quite disappointed in this mix but really happy about the feedback I’ve received and know I’ll be a LOT more prepared for next week.

Thank you all who believe in me and support me.
Never did I imagine this would actually happen.

This mix shows off a lot of what I’m really into when it comes to music. Majority is glitch music with some touch of glitch hop, dubstep, and even some trip-hop. I hope to bring this vibe every week and keep tunes fresh every week. I’m most likely not going to allow myself to play the same tune more than twice a month and if I do even do that, the track is just that worthy. Hope you enjoy! Be sure to tune in and feel free to join in the chat located at

Here is the link to the mix:
Afro Monk’s Debut Show on 1/25/2010

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