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ill-esha | Cherry Blossoms

time April 22nd by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , , , ,

ill-esha, one of the most talented and beautiful women in the business has recently put out a small EP, Cherry Blossoms, out on TrueScoreTheory. The title track features her hypnotic vocals and signature bass sounds we have all come to love.

Along with her title track comes a group of all stars that take their stab at what they’ve taken from this track. All of the remixes are full throttled with extra bass and dance floor ready. The legendary Trillbass squad dialed in a heavy hitting remix that builds up and drops seamlessly. East coast bass king Mindelixir produces another mind tingling remix which gives you a small preview of what his next full LP might sound like. Lastly Dan Wall and Ron Gee close this EP off with some fire business.

Be sure to catch ill-esha while she’s tour all over the States. Can’t wait to see her again on my adventure to Lightning in a Bottle this year!

BUY: ill-esha – Cherry Blossoms

Also be sure to grab the FREE Splatinum remix

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Trillbass | Made in Glitch Mix

time February 18th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , , ,

This weeks Fire Friday Mix comes from Trillbass the heavy artillery bass squad! Swytch and 2Sense have been holding it down and working hard in the studio. They’ve had some massive stuff coming out. They’ve teamed up with one of my favorite labels Made in Glitch on their latest podcast series.

The mix has some of the freshest tunes out there in the genre. It’s great to see Trillbass banging out the Glitch-hop business. Not to mention tons of talent showcased as well.  It’s great to see ill-esha and Psymbionic on this mix. Seriously do yourself a favor and look them up. They are straight up some of the most amazing people to work with and be around.

Put your dancing shoes on and get ready for some serous BASS!
Be sure to also keep up to date with Made in Glitch’s podcast series!

01. Trillbass – Rorth
02. Trillbass – Standard Shit (Chicken Head Mashup)
03. 911 – (TRiLL Mashup)
04. Elevation (Gucci – Yella Wolf Party Mashup)
05. Trillbass & Dbutts – Elroy
06. Bassnectar – Basshead (TRiLLBASS Rmx feat. Patrick Wallace)
07. Trillbass – Gangsta
08. Trillbass & Your Dirty Habit – Rap Game
09. Trillbass – Scarnival
10. Trillbass – Origiflex
11. ill-esha – Pulling Faces (TRiLLBASS & Etubbs RMX)
12. Tron – Purple Legacy (ill-ehsa RMX)
13. Trillbass – Chief Rocka (Psymbionic Rmx)

DOWNLOAD: Trillbass – Made in Glitch Podcast 16

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Trillbass – Return of the Trillest Mix

time June 30th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , ,


Trillbass is BACK! Here is their summer promo mix. Tons of bangers and unreleased tunes make up this fire mix. Be sure to pop this mix on whenever you’re ready to rage out. Swytch, Lord, and 2Sense definitely know how to bring the party to a whole new level. They’ve been hard at work in the studio producing slamming tracks and even some glitch hop. Nothing but respect goes out to these guys. Can’t wait to catch these guys live again. Be sure to check out their new site they just launched filled with the latest and greatest, Trillbass.

TRiLLBASS – Return of the TRiLLEST Intro
06Blocc vs Bukkha – LiL Jon Blend
DJ Sneak – Southern Boy (12th Planet & Flinch Rmx)
Pah Je – FMonster (Roots n Culture TRiLLBASS Rmx)
TRiLLBASS – Bring it Live
TRiLLBASS & Dan Wall – Killa! (V2)
Bare Noize – Plant Food
Mark Instinct – 15 Karat
Plies – Fucking Awesome (Symbl’s Bro’d out Mix)
Culprate – Flagrance
Sluggo – New Breed 0f Vampire
Bare – Rukkus
TRiLLBASS – Beer Run
iLLesha – Nothings Real (TRiLLBASS RMX)
Pah Je – I need Dub (TRiLLBASS RMX)
Dr. Knobz – Purple Gangsta
TRiLLBASS – Fucking Heater
Krusha – Jaded Junglist
Critical vs Signal – Skrew Up
Richie August – I Call Shots (Symbl Remix)
Borgore – Ice Cream
Waka Flocka – O lets do it – Heroes & Villains Rmx
Youngbloodz – 85 (Bro’d out Dubmix)

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Borgore – Goresteps Most Hated

time December 8th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , , , ,


There is one DJ that I can’t get out of my head on how much he has done in the dubstep scene. The king of gorestep… Borgore.

Borgore reigns from his throne in Israel but has graced us with a US Tour not long ago. He brought fourth some serious energy and a tour that left us all wanting more. Never had I seen a DJ rush into the crowd and start a pit mid set. The man then closed his set with a stage dive and complete mayhem on the dance floor. I won’t ever forget that night. He came up to me and asked if I’d grab him when he dove off stage. It was epic.

Borgore is hard at work producing grimey dirty beats. He has put out Gorestep Volume One and Gorestep 1.1, go pick them up! He also has Ice Cream / Act Like a Hoe coming out on the Trillbass label. Not to mention the creation of Ultragore with Ultrablack. He has recently put out a mix tape that has given us a small taste of what is forthcoming from him.

borgore ice cream

I can’t express to you despite all the hating done on Borgore and stickers out there, GO SEE HIM LIVE. The dance floor explodes when this guy is on the decks.

borgore act like a ho

Borgore’s Latest Mix Tape
01: Borgore – Cry Me A River
02: Borgore – Ambient Dub Shit
03: Jelly bass & brother culture – No Love (Borgore and Jazzsteppa Remix)
04: Borgore ft. Ranking Levy – Rub A Dubstep
05: Borgore – Ice Cream
06: Borgore – Borgore Ina Trouble
07: Borgore – Act Like A Ho
08: Borgore – Mamas Boy
09: Borgore – Go To Bed V.I.P
10: Borgore – Birthday And The Black November
11: Borgore & Jazzsteppa – Shamen
12: Borgore – One Step Ahead
13: Borgore – The Bitter Orchestral Girl
14: Borgore – Guided Relaxation Dub
15: Borgore – Perversion
16: Borgore – Love
17: Borgore – Foes V.I.P
18: Rusko – Wooboost (Borgore Remix)
19: Britney Spears – Womanizer (Borgore Remix)
20: Borgore – Money
21: Borgore – Saturday Night
22: Borgore – My Favorite Tingz

UPDATE: I’ve almost decided to take this post down. The image that is conveyed is a bit disgusting. The more I thought about it this, it’s a disgrace. The idea that this guy can make anywhere near 10k a show is quite impure. Women have stripped down and gotten naked to his sets and plays aggressive vulgar tunes. It just doesn’t resonates with me well. If it were up to me I’d put out Lovestep Killed Brostep mix now.

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Miami Dubstep – Get Low at Vagabond

time September 28th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

I’ll never forget the first event I attended where I heard dubstep live, ViRam WMC event and caught Plastician’s 2 hour set. Never had I imagined Miami had such a hidden movement. That night wiped me out for days… We didn’t leave the club till around 5am after Evol Intent closed the night off…

This is when I knew Dubstep was alive in Miami. Months past as I saw all the events going on but never ended up going for undisclosed reason… 2009 brought me back into the scene. Boy was I surprised to see how much stronger the community had grown. Old and new familar faces. After the closing of Black Sheep on South Beach it seemed like things were going to change but no one knew if it was going to be a hamper to the community. Little did we know this was going to bring to light a new event all bassheads would look forward too, Get Low!

The first Get Low brought in talent of Dj Lord of TriLLBaSS! His scratching skills tore through the crowd and hyped everyone for the monumental night which put Get Low on the map. The Vagabond blew up with a new sound that was new to the block. Miami Dubstep had a new night to show off it’s talent and whompy bass orginating back from the old Miami Bass days. The sound was new but everyone felt nostolgic when they felt the low frequences blasting through them. Dj Lord didn’t let up and showed us how a Public Enemy DJ gets down.

I unfortunately missed the 2nd Get Low but boy did the third one KILL it. Get Low 3, Mr. N-Type came all the way from the UK to muder the place. That night was WILD. I actually ended up injuring my foot real bad and paid terribily considering hours later I’d be flying out to Chicago for Lollapalooza. N-Type absolutely showed Miami what was up dropping exclusive dubplates everywhere. The sounds of Benga’s iTunes was a big moment knowing that he was one of the few who was dropping this track. After his set I made sure to introduce myself and give him a huge Big Up for a killer set. He simply replied, “Sure you are a bad man, you were skanking the whole time I saw you”. HAHA Miami Dubstep represent! After flying into Chicago word got out that Get Low broke Vagabond’s record attendance for Thursday. This was a huge statement! Miami Dubstep and Get Low is just getting started…

Joe Nice is one man that lives up to his name! I was disappointed when he missed that night at ViRam but wouldn’t have that memory of 2hr set from Plastician. There is a reason Joe Nice is probably considered one of the biggest American Dubstep DJs, this man is seriously nice as can be. This man only touches wax and the type that you probably won’t see for months. He brought it hard yet with such hypnotic vibes. Bigg tunes from Skream, Calbrie, and Untold dropped. Be sure to check this guy out on his montly radioshow. He’s always cracking jokes and participating in the chat room.

The last to hit the Get Low stage was legend Mala from Digital Mystikz. I had the pleasure of catching Skream and Benga the night before and catch Mala for a short chit chat. It is clear where this man pulls the music from… He’s deep. Talk about a guy who has some dubplates and hypnotic sounds in the bag. Mala showed Miami has repeatedly show this town about meditation on bass is and he didn’t hold back this time at all… Highlight of my night was seeing him drop a record and seeing the word “Tron” on the label spin around… Won’t forget the first time hearing Tron on a big system… Thank you Mala for an unforgetable night. That is one way to put these Get Low events… unforgetable.

Think that line up was big? Ha, Miami get ready because some of the next people lined up for future Get Low’s are MASSIVE. We’ll be seeing Borgore all the way from Isreal bring his filfthy hard whomping bass style to Miami. It’s going to be a sight to see him drop his track “Love” after at the last Get Low it went absolutely mental when it got dropped…  The serioussss sounds of Noah-D will be most likely be in our near future. This man is no stranger to Miami so expect an set of big tunes just for Miami. The big event which has been highly anticipated is one of the member of the Purple Trinity, Joker. Don’t sleep on that because Joker has done no wrong ever since his began releasing his tunes. He doesn’t come alone either. MC Nomad is coming along for the ride to show Miami how he gets down on the mic. It’ll be big to catch Nomad live after listening to him along side Plastician for the past 2 years almost every week.

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