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Tipper – Its Like EP

time November 2nd by Sofia authorTags: , , , , ,


Tipper releases “Its Like” EP on October 14th, 2015 on Tippermusic.  Nu skool breakbeats set the theme for this release as it’s fused in with a leading funky, heavy bass, downtempo, and midtempo beats and feels – an overall experimental electronic experience. I dig how all of Tipper’s releases always go specifically unannounced and unexpected, a mystery slowly unraveling itself from the get-go.  Creating endless suspense, leading intriguement, and fresh innovation to his sound presentation, our ear pineals are in treat for more glitchy feels in comparison to a more downtempo approach earlier in 2015 – Fathoms EP.  Tipper’s gestures are legendary in variety as he’s truly an authentic master for various themes: intricate sound design, flawless melodies, ethereal soundscapes, hard hitting drums, mixdown, & live focus.

“Its like” EP consists of four-track escapes into glitch hop feels: Its Like, Distal, Table Flipping VIP, and Flares At Dawn.  “Its LIke” is a funky fresh glitch hop beat introduction as it reveals the theme to the EP – glitchy breakbeat. Turntablism takes a leading role in this track as crescendos and squish beats give of a glowing effect of brain strategization through alien gestures.  “Distal” is trickling melodic beats of intertwining rhythmic and glitchy soundscapes through intentional taste and variety.  Melodies on melodies on fresh fuse together to create an elaborate effect as elevating crescendos groove into discovery. “Table Flipping VIP” takes on a percussive role as its like a re-lived experienced and new vision of the original “Table Flipping” track he released on his EP, Forward Escape.  Illuminating and geometrical sound design over exceeds the gift of creation.  “Flares at Dawn” is a more downtempo approach than the latter – an ambient meditation can be felt as soothing synth effects expose in-depth yuminess.  It’s as if angelic drones through instrumentation is displayed in higher consciousness.  

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Lucidity Festival 2014 | Review

time May 2nd by Taradactyl authorTags: , , , , , , , , , ,


I don’t think I’m wrong in saying that every participant left from Lucidity Festival with a renewed lust for life and a nourished spirit. Together we breathed new and unique energy into those woods and together we co-created something so magical and beautiful, it was almost surreal. Synchronicity abound, the weekend was full to the brim with soul warming connections, jaw dropping art, and formulaic chaos like none other.

I went into the weekend with no expectations and was blown away by the result. This year I experimented by focusing more on the overall experience rather than concentrating mainly on musical acts. I truly enjoyed cruising from one space to the next and being welcomed and immersed in the different vibes of each respective village. I also abstained from alcoholic beverages and was very pleased with having a clear mind to soak in the totality of the splendor around me. I highly recommend staying sober at a festival; your experience will be so much more mindful and memorable. While the festival sold out, Lucidity really felt intimate. Perhaps it was the sense of inclusion and participation in the air that made me feel this way. Our nurturing and talented family surrounded us all.

Here were some of the most memorable moments for me…

• Starting the weekend off with The Rainbow Girls was excellent; these girls embody the female essence in such a strong and positive way. They had just the right ratio amount of bubbliness and badassery; the whole crowd was beaming from ear to ear.

• The Opening Ceremony was absolutely incredible; everyone there was glowing and I could feel the presence of each participant uniting to bless each other, the land, and themselves. Astarius Miraculii’s performance of his Spirit Rap was beautiful. There was an aura of such peace and tranquility I will never forget. I remember thinking to myself, “THIS is what it is all about.” It was a beautiful way to begin the weekend and set things off just right.

Opening Ceremony Bliss
Photo by Trevor Selby

• Later that night my favorite performances were by 2NUTZ and Haywyre. Coloradan duo 2NUTZ was a great transition into night time; everyone pulled on their dancing shoes and got down to their glitched out bass. Haywyre’s melodic dub was a treat; I was stoked to see him live for the first time.

Heart Centered Vinyasa Flow with Kishan Shah on Saturday morning was exactly what I needed to rejuvenate and prepare me for the wonderful day. Music was soulfully provided by one of my all-time favorites, The Human Experience. Does it get much better than this? Following the deep stretches, Kishan led us in an experiment wherein everyone had to be touching at least one other person at all times, but everyone was in constant movement. It was truly beautiful and each and every participant was full of smiles and unforgettable giggles. This was such a beautiful moment and any adverse feelings were lifted off of our chests!

• For the rest of the day I wandered amongst the different villages and made connections with lovely people. I loved mingling at the Healer’s Sanctuary; the vibe was unparalleled. I got caught up with the Yosef Stone’s Crystal Council meeting, chatted about essential oils, and was mesmerized while watching Astarius Miraculii provide didgeridoo healing transmissions.

• SpinCycles’ Warriors’ Dayparty was a lot of fun; JOBOT, ChrisB., Morillo, and some other talented DJs performed some really fun sets. Overall amazing vibe!

• Later on Saturday Digital Rust and Tipper both provided brain melting gooey goodness that pleased all. I don’t think there was a single person having a bad time in that crowd!

The Lucid Stage came alive at night.
Photo by Trevor Selby

• On Sunday our camp hosted a Pancakes & Mimosas Brunch (more like lunch as it started a bit later) at the Lunatic Fringe. We really enjoyed providing yummy nourishment (pancake + nutella + berries, anyone?) and libations for all. Our friend was playing at the Jenkstars stage so lots of booty shakin’ was to be had.

Trevor Kelly’s set on Sunday afternoon at the Audiowaska Stage was truly one for the books and some of the most fun I had all weekend. Nothing compares to an all-original set and Trevor put so much love and energy into this experience that was enjoyed by all. It was a treat getting a sneak peak of his new project Pacific Standard, comprised of Trevor and rapper Ro-Knew. PWest also spit some rhymes which was fun. It was a rager and we were all getting down in the front; every time I looked around I saw smiles for miles and I felt the most supreme vitality in mine and the crowd’s being. What a wonderful celebration of life!

Trevor Kelly crushing it
Photo by Trevor Selby

After the weekend I felt invigorated and ready for a coastal road camping trip with my lover (whom I met at Lucidity 2013). I will never forget Lucidity’s endless moments of bliss and harmony; the woods will forever resound with our remarkable presence. I am so grateful for this experience!

Until next time, Lucidity!
Photo by Trevor Selby


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Lucidity Festival: Universe | April 11-13 | Live Oak Campground

time February 20th by Taradactyl authorTags: , , , , , , , , , , ,

What happens when you fuse together festival masterminds, transcendent melodies, awe-inspiring art, sage healers, and inquisitive imaginations in an extraordinary wooded location? A complete synergy that is Lucidity Festival: Universe. This joyful jubilee, held at Live Oak Campground in the Santa Barbara hills on April 11-13, will be sure to please all revelers in attendance. Now in its third year, Lucidity Festival has sprouted from its primary seed and blossomed into an immersive and thriving ethos. Everyone is a participant in this open-source journey; all you need bring along is a sense of curiosity, an open heart, and intentions set on growth and awakening. We will cultivate harmony and collaboration and nourish our souls in unity. Expect the unexpected and be ready to experience a formulaic chaos like none other. Lucidity will be a pleasant reminder for our spirits not to take life so seriously while embodying our truest essence. Prepare for mind warping music and visuals, elaborate art and stage design, thought-provoking workshops, rejuvenating yoga, delectable organic and locally-sourced food, holistic soothing healing, and soul-warming connection.

Tipper. Need I say more? I will never tire of Dave’s intricate and lush soundscapes; seeing him at the Lucid Stage may very well be the highlight of my experience. Love and Light’s bubbly thwomping bass is sure to please. The Human Experience’s “prismatic” stunning melodies will be happily soaked in by listeners. I am beyond excited to witness Haywyre’s performance as I have yet to be graced with his presence. Kalya Scintilla’s tantalizing eclectic bass never lets me down. Other favorites on the Lucid Stage bill include Bird of Prey, Mr. Rogers, Digital Rust, Nominous, 2Nutz, Mumukshu, Soulular, Nanda, Alia, and the homie Irieyes. The Alive stage incorporates some most excellent live vibrations with incredible lyricist Eligh, the ever-enchanting Quixotic acrobats, and the positively energetic Poor Man’s Whiskey. The Rainbow Girls will bring some boisterous fun into the mix. Cello Joe will grace the stage with his unique “Classical Hip Hop”.  The party will be continually thriving at the Audiowaska Stage; we’ve got passionate, genre-paving Trevor Kelly, effervescent and melodic MiHKAL, hyphy Stylust Beats, and many more.

Partake in one of Lucidity’s seven villages and its respective archetype; there’s the Vivacious Jaguar of the Goddess Grove, the Courageous Dragon of the Family Garden, the Humble Tiger of Warriors’ Way, the Wild Monkey of Nomads’ Nook, the Loving Dove of Lovers’ Nest, the Wise Owl of the Healers’ Sanctuary, and the Playful Coyote of the Tricksters’ Playground. These niches will each be alive with their unique mood and identity.

Art will be much of the fabric of Lucidity Festival, weaving together a story between the music and the environment, the people and Gaia. With aesthetics ranging from luminous textured installations to obscure and thought-provoking creations, your eyes will feast on the art that is intertwined so seamlessly into the gathering.

Workshops & Healing
Learning is a perpetual process. Expand your mind and senses to ideas unknown before and leave the woods a different and more enlightened being than as you came. Workshops at Lucidity will be inspiring, uplifting, meditative, interactive, creative, informative, empowering, musical… you name it. Don’t miss your chance to grow and perceive together with Wisdom Keepers in the most stunning of outdoor classrooms. Nothing is beyond our cognizance. I can’t wait to practice yoga among the trees with amazing instructors. Healers will also aid in the well-being (mind and body) of participants.

So the Lucidity saga continues, full to the brim with synchronicity and a beautiful sort of pandemonium. Awaken your senses to the visceral thrill of letting go completely among the timbers and sunshine of the rolling Santa Barbara hills. Discover the exquisite divinity that resides within you and all beings alike. Get your tickets for Lucidity here; please contact me at if you would like a discount code.

~~Tara Dactyl~

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Tipper | Dusty Bubble Box EP | Open Heart Surgery Funding!

time June 4th by John-Michael authorTags: , ,

Dave Tipper recently announced over Facebook that he was taking a break from touring as much. The reason was to focus on his health. Apparently he needs surgery and needs help offsetting the cost. He has released a few VIP tracks to help him raise money. Any lover of electronic music should help one of the great producers of our time. I decided to make this post to help Tipper gain reach and help unite the music community together. Dave, is one of the most talented producers of our generation. He has pioneered the glitch-hop movement and helped set the bar for surround sound releases.

Below is the message he posted today (6/4/2013) on his Facebook page.

“In 17 hours from now i have to undergo open heart surgery. (I am very scared.)

In an attempt to lessen the blow of medical costs from this major procedure, i am releasing an EP of ‘VIP’ remixes that i’ve been playing in my live sets over the last couple of years. My good friends at Addictech are hosting the release and are forgoing their percentage, so that 100% of the money from your purchase goes towards helping me out. There is also a paypal donation address ( if you feel like contributing more.

My intention is to bounce back from this stronger than ever, but regardless of what happens from here on out, i’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support over the years. It’s been a pleasure serving you all.


BUY: Tipper – Dusty Bubble Box EP!

Help Donating More Below!

The whole team at wishes you a speedy recovery!

– JM

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Infrasound Music Festival ❘ May 31- June 2, 2013

time May 7th by Molly authorTags: , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

With the exception of the lucky people who attended Lucidity, most of us are anxiously awaiting the beginning of everyone’s favorite time of year, FESTIVAL SEASON!!! I know I for one am super ready to bust out my (playa) dusty tent, LED’s , unicorn swag, and of course my best dancing shoes. As of now, I’ve got my season’s plans pretty much all lined up and the first official stop of my 2013 Bass Summer is in Black River Falls, Wisconsin at the Infrasound Music Festival. 

Twin Cities Dubstep joined forces with the to bring this young festival back bigger and better for it’s second year. Twin Cities Dubstep is a major player in the midwest electronic music scene, booking everyone from massive headliners to up and coming locals to classic favorites of every genre. Needless to say, the festival has stirred up a lot of excitement in that and surrounding areas and is proving to be actual competition against some of the bigger festivals, such as Wakarusa, that happen to be sharing the same date. The location is looking absolutely lovely and thanks to the late May date, the weather should fall at that really nice level right before the wretched midwest summer humidity (not my steez!). The festival grounds are nestled among a surrounding forest and includes a small lake whose shores will be home to a daytime beach stage.  One of the best aspects of this festival is definitely it’s price. I was shocked to see the earliest early bird tickets at only $50 and even now the current price is at a mere $95 and will raise to a still-relatively-cheap-for-the-lineup $120 at the door. Plus a portion of the profits are going towards a Minneapolis non-profit, Save Our Schools, and their goal to save an inner city music program. Awesome! Located about 2.5 hours from Minneapolis, 3 from Milwaukee, and 4 from Chicago, it’s a super mellow trek from many of the major music hubs of that region. So basically if you’re around, there aren’t too many good excuses not to come out and play 🙂 Ok enough shit about logistics, let’s talk music!


For many of you, you’ll be so sold at the next word that you might as well stop reading this now and go ahead and purchase your ticket : TIPPER. Although this fact might change with the new announcement of the Symbiosis lineup, Infrasound is the ONLY festival this summer that will be hosting this musical mad man/genius/higher being as their headliner and not only that, booked him to play TWICE on Saturday. I’m getting goosebumps just thinking about the promised twilight downtempo set ( I’m pretty convinced a fairy is born every time he plays a song from Broken Soul Jamboree live) and I’m making a solid and public warning right now to gtfo out of my way during the second set cause this girl + outdoor sound systems + Tipper = elbow poppin, hip displacing, melted minded, third eye to toe dance floor ridiculousness. To complete the sensory experience, the legendary digital artist Android Jones will be supplying the visuals.

Another performance I’m really looking forward to is Liquid Stranger’s downtempo set. Known mainly for his masterfully produced and absolutely crushing Dubstep, Drumstep, and DnB, Liquid Stranger has toured all over the world playing bass music but Infrasound will be his first ever Downtempo/IDM set. Anyone familiar with his album “Cryogenic Encounters” or his pre Rottun work knows how magical this is going to be.  Some more artists I’m personally excited to see are Haywyre, Billy Blacklight, Thriftworks, Grimblee, Mumukshu, Megalodon, Shwex, Bogtrotter, Smilodon, Loom In Essence, and Spankalicious! You can also catch some bigger name festival favorites : Gramatik, HeRobust, MartyParty, Luminox, and the beautiful Emancipator. Best part of all? Main stage is going to be on a gorgeous Funktion One rig.

The festivities begin May 31st, which is a little over three weeks away, so there is still plenty of time to get your ticket, your crew, your whiskey to share with me, and your beautiful selves ready for what’s sure to be an amazing weekend. I will see you on the dancefloor!

Buy your tickets here

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The Tipper Quixotic Experience | Cirque de L’amour | Austin, Texas

time February 4th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , , , ,

Dave Tipper is one of the most talented producers alive. He has helped pioneer many genres of music including the Break and Glitch Hop sound. He has set the standard of recording in 5.1 surround sound and has released a collection of music that most would consider divine in nature.

I’ve had to luxury of seeing many live performances by him over the years. There’s two distinct sides to Tippers music. There’s the uptempo glitch-hop bass sets that will get you moving and then there’s the organic downtempo sound journey. I can say that his downtempo set at Symbiosis 2012 was the most unique and beautiful pieces of auditory sound that I’ve ever experienced in my life. I felt as if I was a small child rediscovering sound.

This February in Austin, Texas, Dave Tipper will be doing a special one time performance with the theatrics group, Quixotic. They are an artist collective comprised of aerial acrobatics, dancer, film makers, fashionistas, musicians, and visual artist. I had the pleasure of seeing them at Wakarusa and was totally blown away by the amount of production that goes into their show.

The Tipper Quixotic Experience is what they are calling it and assure you that it’s something you won’t want to miss. Once I saw the announcement of the show I immediately looked up plane tickets to Austin, Texas and bought a flight.

It is rumored that Tipper will also be moving more towards the live downtempo sets in 2013. There is no confirmation of this but you better believe that I’m praying with all my heart to get at least half set of downtempo. The event is a post Valentines Day called Cirque de L’amour. The events name translates to Circus of Love. I can’t tell you enough how excited I am to return to Austin, where I left a big piece of heart. It only seems like the proper time to revisit one of the most amazing cities in the States.

If you’re a follower of Tipper, enjoy theatrical performance, and never been to Austin, Texas I highly recommend considering flying or driving to this event. Many of you might have a strong opinion of Texas but I can create an endless list of why Austin is one of the greatest cities in the country. One of the best ways to describe Austin is by comparing it to New Orleans except it’s WAY CLEANER and super progressive compared to the rest of Texas. It’s the live music capital of the US and for good reason. There are tons of quality venues, bars, bands, DJs, etc that reside in the city. It’s also quite cheap and filled with tons of educated young people who attend The University of Texas.

If you’re reading this. Thank you for what you have done for the electronic music community. I think I’m speaking on behalf of all your fans. We want another downtempo release (feel free to make it another surround sound album).

For more details visit the Cirque de L’amour FB event page.
Also if you plan on attending be sure to say Hi if you see me =)

If you need some convincing on why this man is one of the most talented.. Click this to stream one of the greatest pieces of music created in my opinion, Broken Soul Jamboree.

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Whitebear | Paradigm Shift | Total Eclipse Festival Live Set

time November 30th by John-Michael authorTags: , , ,

This weeks Fire Friday Mix comes from Whitebear. It has been awhile since we’ve posted about Whitebear. This mix caught my attention and have been totally blown away by it. If you’re into weird downtempo organic bass music similar to Tipper this is what you’ve been waiting for. This mix has such a good vibe too it. This mix is one of the better mixes I’ve heard this year. I day dream all day with this music.

I’m not sure if all the music that is on here is new or not but the selection is incredible. I don’t know what’s going on over there in Australia but it must be something in there water because they seem to be creating these amazing producers. It’s my life long dream as a DJ to go visit Austalia and New Zealand. There’s so much talent over there and can only imagine how insanely beautiful it must be. I haven’t done much research on if we can expect a new release from Whitebear but if there is I’ll be sure to post about it. It does look like there’s a N American / Canada Tour being worked out. Be sure to keep up to date with that!

I hope you all have an enjoyable week-end! This mix is something great to put on anytime you want to relax and trip out to some stellar downtempo, The energy shines so much in this mix <3 Tracklist: Mumukshu- Wakefulness Kayla Scintilla feat. Alice Spacedoll- Break Belief Bounce (Whitebear Remix) Whitebear- Fever Dreams Shwex x Mumukshu- Elements of Antiquity Whitebear- Auric Sight Whitebear- Primal Stomp Whitebear- New Evolutionary Paradigm Whitebear- Lost in Vibrations Whitebear- Earthquake Shwex x Mumukshu- Elements of Antiquity (Whitebear Remix) Brujo's Bowl- Gyananakashu (Eye of Knowledge)

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Bird of Prey | Artist Spotlight

time October 26th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , ,

Bird of Prey is the featured producer for this week’s Fire Friday Mix. Whenever someone asks me or mentions the most technical and skillful producer’s Bird of Prey comes to mind. I’ve been lucky enough to spend some time around Torin and get his take on a few things. He’s one of those people who take his craft very seriously. He comes from a psytrance background which usually consists of incredible sound design and a level of quality that you rarely find.

This mix is a live recording from Boom Festival. I’ve listened to this mix about 3 times today already. The mix consists of beautiful psychedelic music the whole way through. It also features plenty of Bird of Paradise music which Torin let me know is coming out soon. The complexity of the sound and textures is unmatched. There are not many producers that can capture my attention with the psy chill sound mixed with the dance floor flow that Bird of Prey puts together.

I spent a decent amount of time with Torin this past summer at Sonic Bloom and was enlightened that he has helped influence some of the biggest names in bass music that I’m sure you’ve heard of. It so happens that Seven Lions was his roommate for awhile and helped him develop his production skill set. Another big name he helped out was Nit Grit which has had great success. I won’t lie it’s a bit disappointing to see such a talented producer get so unnoticed compared to some of his apprentices. It’s crazy how the world works sometimes. He also informed me that his tracks under the Birds of Paradise project have gone as upwards of 140+ tracks in a single tune. That’s just straight dedication.

Sit back and enjoy this hypnotic journey Bird of Prey has created with this glorious mix. Also be sure to make it a point to see him play out live. There aren’t many artists out there that can provide such a beautiful soundscapes for early morning sets or late night vibes. He should definitely be recognized a lot more and worth a listen. I consider him to be up there with Tipper when it comes to sound design and production value.

DOWNLOAD: Bird of Prey Boom Festival Live Mix

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Digital Rust | Dark Horse EP

time October 3rd by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , , ,

Digital Rust is back! It has been awhile since we’ve heard much from him. His new EP, Dark Horse. The release consist of 3 great tracks and a free download. I recently reached out to him since I saw his name appearing a bit more and seeing his name on a few festival line ups. He let me know that he had this release coming out and sent me a few previews. A few weeks ago I play a show down here in Miami with Govinda and prepped a funky mid tempo set. We all know about names like Love & Light, Opiuo, Tipper, etc… but Digital Rust is another name that should not be left out if you’re thinking organic bass driven music.

Digital Rust’s last EP, Loophole, is something you should definitely check out as well. I’m hoping this EP is a signal that there is a lot more to come from him. There are quite a few people doing the whole mid tempo set but the reality is that not many of them have the lasting appeal. I totally believe that this guy has what it takes as a producer and am keeping a close eye on him. My love for funky midtempo has returned and can’t express it enough how this music is perfect for opening, dancing, jamming, and over all just have a great time. This tiny collection of music by Digital Rust is all that and will have the dance floor electrified.

BUY: Digital Rust- Dark Horse EP

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Gnarnia Festival 2012 North Carolina

time August 1st by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , , , , ,

Gnarnia looks to be one of the most promising festivals in the summer for the East Coast. The line up is stellar and quite diverse. I’ve seen promotion for this this everywhere. The only thing that I can really say that has me scratching my head is why it’s Thursday-Saturday.

The East Coast needs more events like this to start happening. The West Coast kids are spoiled every week-end with some sort of festival and it’s great to see events like Gnarnia appear this year. I’m very excited to find out that I will finally be able to attend. Thankfully I’ve just recently decided to work from home and stop looking for a job. If I had a regular office job it would have been very difficult to attend since leaving Friday night after work and only being there for Saturday would of make it all that worth it. The fact that this is a first year festival with this many Grade A is amazing (TIPPER). East Coast please recognize that not every summer are we offered such events like this. It’s a honor to come back to the blog to post about this.

North Carolina is one of the most beautiful places on the East Coast of the United States and can’t wait to return to the mountains. This event is also a bit different from many of the other festivals out there in that they recommend you renting a cabin, house, lodge, etc… There are spots located to camp out but the space is very limited. The event takes place in a resort like location not a giant open field. I also would like to say come ready to get down the community alone in North Carolina is one of the biggest bass locations in the States. Lets just say they know how to party and where many talented artist call home.

Be advised that there is a costume party. Remember to bring your weirdest costume. Please be colorful and crazy (my personal input). I usually focus on the music at most these events but the truth is these adventures into festival land are always unique. There’s a lot of coming together at these festivals. I’ve met tons of people from all over the world at these events. This is a great opportunity to get weird and meet tons of new friends from all over the this coast. I’m the most excited about this because there’s finally a family coming together made up of people who don’t live out in Colorado or West Coast.

I hope to see you all out there. Please say hello if you see me around. It’s always encouraging to meeting new people and fellow music lovers. I’ll have my gear with me so I’m sure I’ll be throwing down. If you have a sweet lodge with a PA holla =D Lets get weird! Big ups to everyone part of this festival.

Beats Antique, 7 Walkers, Paper Diamond, ESKMO, Afroman, Eliot Lipp, Mindelixir, Heyoka, Machines are People Too, KDSML, Songs of Water, Cherub, Skytree, Panther God, The Polychrons, Futexture, Ployd, Arpetrio, HeRobust, Future Flutes, Amarru, Splynter, Uprise ,Nomadic, Andrew Fletcher’s Silent Movie Theatre, Aligning Minds, Asian Teacher Factory, Jonathan Scales Fourchestra, Higher Learning, AV8R, Michael Garfield, Whodi, Thump, RTFM

Tipper, Emancipator, Mark Farina, Dieselboy, Easy Star All Stars, Toubab Krewe, VibeSquaD, Break Science, Gift of Gab, ZOOGMA, Starkey, DrFameus, Cas Haley, DEORO, Firecracker Jazz Band, NastyNasty, Bookworm, Ziggurat, Yesterday’s, Gravy, Sonmi, Poetix Lounge, Imperial Blend, Old You, Fast Nasty, Chasing Edison, Sam Shacklock, Numatik, Uphill Both Ways, Sound Pimp, Elfkowitz, Nu-Tron, Brody and Choch, Kontur

Conspirator, 12th Planet, Ott, Papadosio, Phadroid, Midnite, Rising Appalachia, Minnesota, DubConscious, Govinda, The Polish Ambassador, Zach Deputy, The Pimps of Joytime, The Mantras, Yo Mama’s Big Fat Booty Band, Greenhouse Lounge, Sir Charles, Seduction Sideshow, The Human Experience, DJ Slink, Isness, Dex, Laura Reed w Shannon Sanders, Brushfire, Stankgrass, B!tch Please, Zack Mexico, The Native Sway, Jonathan Santos, Spektr, Amber Rubarth, Cry Wolf, In Plain Sight, Citron, In Plain Sight, Don Winsley, Joshu


Excel: Afro Monk’s Gnarnia Schedule

Image: Afro Monk’s Thursday Schedule
Image: Afro Monk’s Friday Schedule
Image:Afro Monk’s Saturday Schedule

Grab your Gnarnia 2012 Ticket!
I have to say it’s a pretty good deal for $135
Keep in mind that you have to buy an RV pass and does NOT have hook ups for water or power.

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