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Cryptex | Isolated Incidents

time October 11th by Mr Ed authorTags: , , , , ,

Cryptex is well learned for being an 18 year kid bursting onto the Glitch Hop scene.  His new release, Isolated Incidents, out today on Austin-based Gravitas Recordings is sure to push some speakers to their bass limits!  Cryptex has educated himself well, and the production quality speaks for itself.  The clean bottom end is complimented with an onslaught of lasers attacking from every direction.  Isolated Incidents sound has roots in solid Hip Hop beats, but Cryptex has taken that flavor and created something much more out of this world.  Even with all the comparisons to Glitch Mob, Samples, and Crystal Method, this sound is still fresh.

The song “Footsteps” did its job fullfiling my bass addiction providing a pure unadulterated fix of  deep bass sounds, futuristic synth sounds, and glitched up vocal samples.  This midtempo bass slammer delivers glitched out greatness!

Cryptex is giving this track away for free download.  The Glitch Anthem is a crazy mashup of The Glitch Mob, Kraddy, and Skrillex with covered with Cryptex’s signature sounds.

Grab your copy at Addictech

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Of Porcelain | Why Wait?

time June 8th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , , , , , ,

Of Porcelain aka Josh Mayer is no joke my favorite producer. Anyone who has ever talked to me about producing music eventually knows that my biggest influence would be Of Porcelain. The downtempo trip-hop artist is most well known by his other alias Ooah of The Glitch Mob. He also has other projects he is part as well such as PantyRaid and The Seedling Escape.

Josh has created such an impression with me that he’s probably one of the few artist out there that still feel starstruck whenever something appears from him. Despite recently seeing him preform with MartyParty as PantyRaid at Lightning in a Bottle he regained my faith that there’s a possibility of some more Of Porcelain or melodic sexy music still inside him after that underwhelming Superior EP. Watching him play you could see Marty jumping up and going crazy during the heavy aggressive basslines and you could see Josh just chillen grooving. It was obvious when Josh picked a tune as you could see him swaying to the chill beat and getting into it and see Marty just standing there. It’s interesting to see and hear the obvious differences in their music today. You can really tell the parts Marty wrote and the parts Josh wrote.

This new track by Of Porcelain brings so much faith back into music and where I first fell in love with chill glitchy beats. Ooah’s most recent track on soundcloud The Love I Need almost left me questioning if he was just experimenting or changing his sound towards this new direction PantyRaid was going for. He is extremely busy now with the upcoming Glitch Mob tour and has quite the insane life touring with Marty as well so I can only hope after the tours tone down we will see Of Porcelain revisited or hell even The Seedling Escape. Kitty D has been on a role as well and still has that unique sound which continues to stray away from the heavy bass beats. I can’t tell you how disappointing it is to see so many others fall to the trap of making heavy dance floor bangers.

Josh, Thank you for what you do and the music you create. I think I speak on behalf of many of your fans and lovers of music when saying this: PLEASE Of Porcelain album is way long overdue and in this brostep era something beautiful is needed baddddd. Take your time. BUT please everyone is craving something new with those hypnotic tones you’ve shown in the past. See you at the Dallas date if not out of town for a show. Much Respect & Love.

Grab the NEW Of Porcelain tune off the Seek Sick Sound Comp Vol. 2

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Gladkill | Lovelost EP

time June 2nd by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , , , ,

Gladkill, will always be a legend in my book. I’ll never forget when he first caught my ear when he entered The Glitch Mob contest. I was completely star struck once I spending more time checking out his work. I made it a mission of mine to push this guys sound like no other. I’ll never forget getting his short mix for his last release Ghostwork. I had just moved to Dallas that week-end and I must of listened to it 10x in a row. I played it to my good friend Gooddroid and she even was impressed considering she is one of the pickiest out there like myself.

Fast forward to todays world and I just was in California for Lightning in a Bottle where I got to see Boris aka Gladkill show the west coast bass scene how it’s done proper. It was his debut of his new release to a large crowd. It was a honor to see him received so well. Boris has become one of the closest people to me whether he sees it or not haha. He’s the one dude that I see walking around and can relate to the most. His attitude and take on this whole thing is one of the most humbling I’ve seen so far. He is one of people I always enjoy running into and just kicking while walking around and lightning up with whoever is around. It doesn’t hurt that his music and style is probably some of the best in my ears.

Boris has matured a lot in this EP since his last Ghostworks release. You can hear a deeper and more developed sound. The release flows smoothly with tones you are familiar with when it comes to Gladkill yet has a bit more depth and feel to it. I had the pleasure of hearing some of this while it was being finished up and wow you can really hear a difference in quality and improvement over the past couple months of following his music.

I can’t wait for you all to experience Lovelost! June 13th marks its official release on Made in Glitch. Also expect to see his remix of ill-esha’s Only Fair to appear as it instantly became an instant classic in my book after my first listen of it. Keep watch for Gladkill coming to a festival near you. He’s on fire right now melting hearts on stage at many of this years major events. Expect a mini mix of Lovelost to appear soon as it will be added here once I get it =)

Nothing but tons of respect and love for my good friend Boris.
Truly one of the great producers of our time.
I’m glad to call him a friend and have had opportunity to spend a good amount of time around him.

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Pantyraid | Superior EP

time April 26th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , , , , ,

I’ll never forget the first time I heard PantyRaid, it was the mix for The Sauce. I even remember the post and saying The Sauce would be the best album of of the year. I still stand by those words and the dynamic duo of MartyParty & Ooah despite this follow up EP and uproar it has started.

What’s the cause of all this uproar? Easy. The new Superior EP is filled with heavy aggressive drumstep vibes. The fans of the duo are disappointed and I even have seen many people even calling them sell outs to the brostep movement. Marty and Ooah have gained the respects of many of the west coast crunk bass movement and lets just say most of them won’t stand for this change of direction. The Sauce was a major point of the crunk sound development.

It’s not that ohh no another brostep/drumstep EP its more about what people have come to expect from both of them. We all know how talented and musical they both can be. Hell go listen to Marty’s Skukuza EP or Ooah’s Of Porclain project. The production value of those versus this is quite astounding. Now lets not burn these guys at the stake they have the right to change direction and have fun. They aren’t sell outs because as the powerhouse Skrillex has said numerous times.

My biggest concern is how they are handling this as if to pull a big move to almost disregard and hide all the negative responses. Marty posted this on FB and I replied. It of course got deleted but WHY?! I’m here to support but also speak my mind.

“You gotta love the hate on Facebook – WOW! Full time job deleting evil postings – to all those people that hate on art – LOVE and HATE are the same emotion – check yourselves and open your minds – I LOVE MY LIFE!!!!”

My response:

“I’ll be honest I’m not a fan of the new material but it’s definitely something interesting to listen to coming from two extremely talented producers. I wouldn’t call Love & Hate the same emotion. I personally think this album if anything shows the dark side of ones emotions where it has heavy aggressive angry monotones all over it but don’t we all have that inside at one point of time. Have fun but realize the new sound pushes a completely different emotion than The Sauce so what did you expect? Keep making that music and enjoying yourself. Do it for you and no one else but remember the art of music is conveying you and emotions. You guys do it well. Big ups!”

Now checking Twitter I see this.
Marty: “#3 on iTunes – THANKYOU – when we made these songs in the Brooklyn studio we knew they would stir up some emotion out there”

If you knew this was going to happen stop trying to delete and erase all the people speaking their mind and giving their opinion. Hateful messages yeah sure get rid of them but something tells me all of them aren’t hateful or evil. Everyone has their own personal opinion and doesn’t mean everyone thinks they have to follow or feel the same way. Hell if it has hit #3 on iTunes already you got a positive response but don’t be surprised if on social media mediums your fans who have been following you and actually pay attention to you won’t react in a positive light and be ignored.

Personally I think this is a huge push for people discovering The Sauce if they haven’t already. Look what The Glitch Mob did and it was in the complete opposite direction. They followed up all their free bootlegs with a straight downtempo chill LP versus a heavy crunk glitch release everyone expected. There were people who hated it and talked trash but want to talk about the press monster that came out of it. The same is about to happen with this release from Pantyraid.

I might not be a producer and making beats all the time but I know that music is a powerful medium of expression. There is music to rock out and party with and then there’s the listening to music. That’s how I mainly divide a lot of my music lately. This Superior EP is jump up and rage at a club and they execute it well. There is no doubt in my mind that heavy energy is the name of the game right now. Just remember to keep the diversity. Pantyraid shows us that you can get all sexy and crunk but also get all that pent up energy and push out some fun jump up dance floor stuff.

Love it or hate it check out the Superior EP @ PantyRaid Music

Quick references to hear the differences:

The Sauce


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MartyParty | Interview

time November 23rd by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , , , , , ,

MartyParty is one of the most known producers in the glitch-hop, purple, dubstep,etc… game right now. I had the pleasure of seeing him come out to Austin, TX for a show. I put some questions together for him. Unfortunately I was unable to do the interview in person but his team was helpful enough to get them back to me. Austin is wild and something going on every night so didn’t get to say whats up to him but he’ll be back!

Marty takes us into his world in this interview. There’s a lot of things ahead. The man is truly going to revolutionize the whole purple sound. There will be more information about his next upcoming Skukuza EP later today on the site. I really want to thank Marty for taking the time to get back to me with these answers. I can’t wait to catch him again when he returns to Texas.

MartyParty Interview:

When did you start producing music at what age and what sort of medium did you use at that time and how has it evolved into what you do today?

I started producing my music in 2005 – I downloaded Ableton Live evaluation and picked it up fast – I bought Live a week later and produced my first digital album in 6 weeks – I havn’t looked back . I still use Ableton Live, however my tooling has evolved to include all the latest and greatest VST and Audio Unit plugins, synthesizers, filters, effects and volumes of drum one shot samples. My approach has evolved considerably and Im able to complete a track, mastered for release in an 8 hour day. This is through the invention of various “formulas” for developing the musical evolution of a basic chord transition and melody. Id love to talk more about it but its top secret 😉

You have been hard at work with tour and just wrapped up a tour with The Glitch Mob. Can you tell us a little bit about tour life.

Touring is pretty new to me – The Glitch Mob tour was my first “every day” tour – Ive had been doing fly ins up until then. It was an amazing experience and I learned a lot. I went from that tour onto the Mimosa/EOTO tour and that was also amazing. In 3 months I played in every major city in the US and Canada which is where touring really makes sense – you just make so many fans on the road. Having a good tour manager is the most important lesson I learned. I’m on PANTyRAiD tour currently and then onto Monsters of Bass tour with Freq Nasty and Opiuo for 35 dates across the whole country again in February and March. I plan to do my first MartyParty tour in Summer 2011 and am starting to plan that – I’m going to get to take the purple opera to a whole next level with some production budget. I will also be playing my preferred 3 hours sets on my own tour. That lets me really take the audience through the various flavors of MartyParty Music.

Clearly you have lots of tracks to date but are there any that stick out to you the most while you were producing them and do you feel a certain vibe when you create music?

When a hit comes along you feel it early – its just the way the instruments and tones of the layers sit in the mix with the beat, and the way the original intention flows through the whole piece. It just makes a magic feeling. I have several of these on the releases planned late 2010 through 2011. I write two kinds of music – 80-90bpm sexy pretty music or more Acid Crunky music – for that I try make sure to create a specific dance which I imagine a sexy woman would do to the track, and then purple music, which is 140bpm dance music which is just about losing your mind and jumping around the studio. If I feel those vibes in the tracks I know I’m on to something. Lately its been hitting quite a bit, on the upcoming EP Skukuza, the Los Angeles and Its Complicated tracks really illustrate the intention of MartyParty. On the next releases there are several standouts. Take a listen to – I dump every song I write very early on onto my website to stream and I have over 2000 listeners a day on there. Its become a bit of a radio station. See if there are any you think will stand out when mastered and released.

Honestly – when I make a beat that I just know will make the fans go WILD or make my wife run into the room – that is when I know its a goody -its a feeling you get as a producer/DJ – u know what the people want to hear, and you can make just that.

What do you have planned for 2011? Can you tell us about any new releases you working on?

I currently have 2 EP’s going out on The Confluence label in early December, then I have 3 full length albums of material I’m releasing in early 2011 – still working out how to package them – but they are all the tunes from my 2010 DJ set. I spent the last 2 months slowly mastering them whenever I return home to my studio. I will start writing the 2011 set in December and want to develop a pattern of a month in the studio, then touring the content of that month for 2 months, and so on through the year – then releasing the entire set each year.

Where do you think music today will be say 5years from now? Do you feel the day and age of vinyl will be lost? What do you currently use to preform?

Hopefully in the mainstream! Gosh. Yes vinyl is thankfully gone. I couldn’t do what I do with only two decks. I use Ableton Live and prepare a very unique DJ set made up of my tracks, and then acapellas, one shots and effects which I trigger using a MIDI pad controller in the live show. I use a M-Audio TriggerFinger still as all the newer controllers break and don’t travel well. I found the Triggerfinger to be the toughest – I hit those pads very hard in the middle of a flying leap and often spill my beer and sweat on my equipment. I mix 3-6 channels at once which is what really makes my set unique. Its the purple opera. It cannot be done with turntables/Serato/CDJs etc. Those are legacy tools now. I travel with a very high quality audio interface and my tracks are rendered as 48000 24bit resolution files (80MB each) – the result is a very high quality A to D conversion and outstanding sound quality. Another MartyParty differentiator, because I make all the music I play – its the highest possible quality – no mp3’s in my set 🙂 I also never pre define a set – my set is like a game of Mahjong – I have probably 70 tracks in a set and try and navigate through them differently each time, attempting to clear them all by the set end. Obv. this is not possible in 60-90 min sets, but lately in my 3 hour MartyParty headline shows Ive got through almost all of them. Its a huge victory for me when that happens and it was seamless.

Traveling so much city to city how do you manage keeping it fun and building connections versus it strictly business?

Practice – its a job and is not as glamorous as one might think. From the start of the set to the end of the set is the easy part – the hard part is the logistics of traveling – often driving from one gig to another with no sleep, or dealing with airport security and layovers. Its tough, but I love my job. Once I’m at the venue and the fans come in it all becomes worth it again. My fans are amazing and loyal and make me feel at home anywhere I travel, and it keeps building to a point where I have relationships with groups of fans in each city I play. Its an amazing organism.

Are there any interest you have besides music that totally captivate you? Is there something else you do to take a break from music. What are other things in the world that makes you smile?

My wife Mary and dog Mackie are my life away from music. But I spend way too much time in my studio and sound design, arrangement and all the various crafts in the process of original music production have addicted me beyond explanation. It is an unbelievably rewarding art, where the feedback from your efforts is immediately felt and the possibilities are endless. I spend my days inventing new sounds and music styles. What a life! I don’t want to miss a second of it. OBSESSED YES!!!

You’re originally from South Africa and moved to the States but are there any other place or city that you’d absolutely love to call your home or visit for a short time? Feel free to make a place up and describe it.

I moved from Johannesburg South Africa in 1995 and settled in San Francisco, I since moved to New York where I have lived for 2 years. I love NY!!!!! Couldn’t imagine living anywhere else. However I have a special place in my heart for Amsterdam , Berlin, Cape Town and Malpais, Costa Rica where I surf and worship the sun.

If you had to describe love or what you feel as a human drives you to be complete content what would it be for you?

We encounter people, things and experiences on our journey through life which just make us feel more complete, and we miss them when they are gone. This is the love zone and the more incomplete you feel without something or someone, the more you love it. I am currently madly in love with purple music and the evolution of electronic music as it enters the mainstream to challenge contemporary music genre’s in a whole new way. I love music and could not live without it. If I don’t create a new song after a few days I get depressed and frustrated. I am addicted to creation. I cant imagine life without art anymore and don’t know what I did before to find contentment.

Biggest influence, person you respect the most, and can call a friend in music?

Its a draw between Josh (Ooah) and Tigran (Mimosa) – I consider them the best pure musical talents Ive ever encountered. We are all very close friends and whenever we hang out we make amazing music together. I would be nowhere without those two guys.

Who is your top musical influences that really hit you with emotion that you’d like to share?

Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin really made we look deeper into musical composition. They both taught me what a song was – I very soon learned the difference between a beat and a song after I got to know their music. Bob Marley and Dr Dre influenced my intention a lot. Currently Mimosa influences me as I’m a huge fan of his overall intention and tonal quality.

Anything you want to say to anyone or message you want to conclude with for your final words?

If you havn’t seen or heard the purple opera – you don’t know what you missing. Music is back and its prouder and louder than ever. Catch my show – you will be an instant fan. Its just that fun.

Here are some of Marty’s latest tunes! Seriously purple opera on big system is mind blowing.

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Kraddy | No Comply | Labyrinth EP

time October 13th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , , , ,

Kraddy is BACK with full force! Today we get a small tease of his upcoming release Labyrinth. This EP is going to smash some crowds. I’ve heard bits and pieces of it and wow serious bass is coming your way. No Comply will be filling the dancefloors everywhere you go so get ready and be sure to download this tune. Kraddy will most likely be heading to a city near you while he tags along some dates with Ana Sia. The last time I saw him was at Lightning in a Bottle and this guy is no stranger to a party. He’ll have probably at least 5 girls dancing up on stage with him as he slays the masses. Kraddy thank you sir for all you have done to help bring the glitch and bass. Jesus why hasn’t anyone used that… Glitch & Bass. (runs and registers the domain).

Be sure to be on the look out for the Labyrinth EP due out November 9th on Alpha Pup and the epic album release party at the greatest weekly on Earth, Low End Theory!

Download: Kraddy – No Comply

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R/D | Starve the Ego Remix | Drink the Sea Remixes

time September 13th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , , ,

R/D is a name you all should become familiar with if you haven’t already. You might have heard his remix he did of Fever Ray earlier this year which gained great hype. He also just put out an EP recently that I featured, Face of God EP. R/D is no new comer by any means. He’s been doing this for quite awhile but has come into light again with his recent glitch hop beats. He has been taking the US by storm playing Coachella this past year and Lightning in a Bottle.

R/D is back again with a new release to be featured on The Glitch Mob’s Drink the Sea Remix album. He has outdone himself with this remix but not a surprise as he is close friends with the members of The Glitch Mob. Random fact: Hes actually lived with edIT and Ooah. This release is due out this week and I wanted to share with you all this epic remix from R/D.

Here is another bonus to build hype for his next release.
R/D – Third Eye High Remix out September 20th 2010

The Glitch Mob’s Drink the Sea album has been chopped and skewed by many of the biggest names recently. They ran a remix contest that just ended. The prize was to have their remix be featured in the Drink the Sea Remixes release as well. Mindelixir was the winner and here’s his remix of Drive it Like You Stole It:

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The Glitch Mob | MartyParty | Drink the Sea Tour

time September 3rd by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , , , , , ,

I’ve never done an event review and always said I most likely would never write one but this time I’ll make an exception. I had been planning on writing a review of The Glitch Mob’s latest album and their new live setup but never got around to it because I felt it would cause up only more of a stir. The reason why I always said I wouldn’t write a review of anything is because I’m one of the most critical humans I’ve come across. While this may seem like a great thing it can actually get me in a lot of trouble especially on a blog that has a decent following.

I’ve seen The Glitch Mob three times with two of those events being a few hours apart from each other (Lolla & Smart Bar in Chicago). This was after Kraddy departed and the boys were using the Lemur as their main setup. The occasionally used a drum pad with drum sticks but usually only to close their set. The sets at this time were very similar to their infamous Crush Mode mix. They were high energy and in complete slay mode the entire show. I’ll never forget seeing them rock out like that!

The third time I saw them was when I flew all the way to California for Lightning in a Bottle 2010. Their album Drink the Sea had recently come out and they were tweeting and announcing they had an entirely new setup. Many people had harsh feelings and were skeptical of all this because I feel that many thought that the Drink the Sea album was quite radical from their earlier works. I personally felt that the album was extremely well put together but yes lacking on slay juice. Drink the Sea is an album I cherish tremendously and play it on vinyl on certain nights where I have a smoke and just sit back and enjoy the music in quite environment.

This is the reason I felt a bit offish about their new set when I heard them at Lightning in a Bottle. However I had been warned that they played an extremely laid back set at Coachella and had truly changed their live show dynamics. I personally didn’t mind their set at Lightning in a Bottle but I felt like I was ready for what they were doing and had been given the heads up. I just felt like it was a whole new experience where they skidded away from the slay stuff. Let me not paint a picture that it was all new chill material because it wasn’t. They played some of the old favorite and created a mix of both new and old. The problem I had was that it was a bit too extreme when going to chill laid back beats to the heavy high energy bass.  I appreciated what was going on but couldn’t help but thing man what are they thinking?! How can you not notice that you use to have crowd going wild the whole set and now just sit back and watch crowd barely bounce on some of these tunes. I feel like theirs a time and place for those tunes and big environments like that are extremely risky. They pulled it off and feel like they impressed many yet of course disappointed others who might of heard how they were before.

One thing that is worth mentioned about the LIB set was how they incorporated so much more into the live set compared to when I saw them in Chicago. They had edIT rocking his SG guitar, Ooah having two synth keyboards, and Boreta with some more drum pads. They incorporated more instruments without using the Lemur as much as they are known too.  They almost felt like a live band but yet didn’t. I have to tip my hat off though because that must take tons of practice and tons of extra work to re-work their whole set to include additional gear on top of their lemurs.

This past Monday I saw The Glitch Mob for the fourth time. I had no idea what to expect. Their new Mixtape had just come out which added a bit more to the Drink the Sea album. It flowed more like a mash up album and totally added more energy to the overall feel of the new tracks. It seemed as if the mixtape could of stand more on its own as an album as well compared to just a mix. After hearing the mixtape and posting it on the blog I wrote how who know what they will do with this. I even suggested that they could even be working these versions of the songs into their live set. They opened up with epic lightning system that they seem to be traveling with. Their setup seemed to be stripped down a bit and they all have an electric drum kit. Drums is definitely a new concentration in this new over-haul again. At the LIB show I felt like they were doing a little less but presenting in a way they were doing more since they using instruments people are familiar with. This time they clearly are going back to the Lemur. edIT is on the top of his games running complex patterns on the Lemur. Boreta is running most of the synth lines and hold down a good amount of affects on board. Ooah is just keeping a clean layer over edIT and doing some fresh work in all aspects of their sound. The three of them are live the whole time and it’s amazing to see it all over again. Every drum pattern, synth line, and sample is being controlled by them. It brought a huge smile to my face when I realized that they really were re-working the new tracks with the mash up version. It’s as if they had completely revamped things to bring more energy using the vocals of familiar hip hop/crunk vocals. One of the highlights of the night which gave me goosebumps was hearing the La Roux mash up from the Mixtape.

Overall their performance was flawless. My only concern was the lack of power on the speaker system. The sound was extremely low. There was someone who literally told me at the start of the set how low it sounds in the back of the venue. I said really?! He replied with I’m using my regular voice and you understand what I’m saying (we were in the front area of the pit). I feel like there could of been a lot more energy put out if the sound was bumping. Another thing I felt like was a bit weak was the crowd. Granted it was a Monday night but I felt a bit ashamed for S.FL. The crowd seemed like they had never heard these tracks before. Honestly I felt like most people weren’t moving or dancing as much because the beats were different style than what they were use too. It’s me over thinking everything probably but felt like if we took photos of every event on the tour and compared them to the S.FL show it’d be a whole different picture. I’m glad that they did make a stop in FL and that I was here to see it.

I want to say thank you to edIT, Boreta, and Ooah for putting on such a show. It takes a lot of work and energy to do a live show like that. I appreciated it beyond belief. I’m totally loving what they are doing now and hands down much respect for evolving so much.

I didn’t get into MartyParty’s set but let me tell you this guy doesn’t disappoint. It was amazing to see him bouncing around and jamming out. He was straight killing it. My only complaint is that his setup was at an angle and not facing the crowd. This might of been the case because The Glitch Mob’s gear was all setup behind him. Hearing some of his unreleased stuff on a big system was fantastic to relive. His set at Lightning in a Bottle had a lot going for it compared to the FTL show but he still rocked out. There’s a ton of new stuff he’s playing out and can’t wait to hear on the new EP due out soon. MartyParty continues to be one of the performers that I look too as a role model. I’ll even admit that half of the tracks he played were tunes that I played at Get Low w/ Lazer Sword. His track selection to me was absolutely perfect. He even dropped the Roxanne remix he did with Love & Light and the Beatles remix by L&L as well. I’m not going to lie I was disappointed when he dropped a Borgore tune but ohh well people eat that stuff up.

Thank you good sir Marty! Thank you for tweeting my post about you as well.
Much love out to you guys! It was great meeting you guys and seeing you in my home state.
Best of luck on the rest of your tour!

Also a big thank you to Def Owl and Chad for everything. It’s risky business to bring acts like these into the South Florida market. Thank you!

-Afro Monk

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Lightning In Your Ear | The Do Lab Album

time August 26th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , , ,

The Do Lab is one of the most recognized orginizations in the music scene on the West Coast and spreading around the world. The Do Lab’s headquarters is located in downtown Los Angeles and is comprised of some of the best event producers, artist, lighting designers, DJs, constructors, welders, costumers, and many musicians.

The Do Lab hit its 10 year mark in 2010 and has been part of some of the most memorable events on the West Coast. Their annual Lightning in a Bottle festival has become one of the largest festivals around. I had the pleasure of going for the first time this year and it’s completely changed my life.

Lightning in a Bottle isn’t the only event they are part of. The Do Lab also has ties with Coachella Music Festival, Ford, Audi, Red Bull, The Virgin Music Festival, Speakercraft, Esquire Magazine, AIDS Project Los Angeles, Stop Aids Organization, and more! Many of their events give back to the community and supply funds to charities such as CriticalBeats.

The Do Lab: Album Release – Lightning in Your Ear

I have just received word that The Do Lab will be putting together a collaboration album which features tons of artist highlighted at Lightning in a Bottle. All the proceeds from this album will be going to CritcalBeats which is a charity that is supporting the preservation of the rain forest and indigenous culture all around the world. Artists featured on the “Lightning in Your Ear” Compilation include: The Glitch Mob, Beats Antique, The Very Best, MartyParty, Nico Vega, Adam Freeland, and many more…! I’m proud to present a 100% exclusive track on the upcoming release from none other than Beat Antique!

Beat Antique – Les Enfants Perdus

Big Thank You to The Do Lab, all the artist who make this possible, and all those who help support the music and arts!

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MartyParty | Skukuza EP | Artist Spotlight

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MartyParty is Marty Folb and is originally from South Africa. Marty came to the States 15 years ago and has been on a mission ever since then! The music that is produced by this man is breathe taking! The amount of rhythm and groove that is put into is stunning. His high synths are clearly recognizable and layered with the perfect amount of bass. I recently just played a show in NY and dropped 2-3 tunes of his and every single person in that room felt each one of them.

He has taken the west coast by storm with his electric energy live. This man truly is one of my biggest role models. Never have I seen anyone with such power play a crowd. Every single show I preform at I think of the videos of Marty at Cervantes in CO and the quick glances I got front center at Lightning in a Bottle 2010 with all the women dancing on top of the subs blocking the view. You can see on his face and his movements that he truly loves what he does and loves feeding from everyone around him as every engulfs every inch of the dancefloor.

I’m proud to announce MartyParty is due out with a release in the near future. The new release is called Skukuza EP being put out by The Confluence. Marty is about to start a tour around the States. He is about to go on tour all around the US with legends The Glitch Mob. The tour begins here in Fort Lauderdale on August 30th! I can’t wait to rage! South Florida has never experienced a sound like MartyParty before and I can’t wait to look back and be proud to know that this sound and energy is making its way to the East Coast.


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