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Tara’s Winter Mix Fix

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There is no denying the awesomeness of mixes. Put one on and float away on a roller coaster of delight without having to put thought toward what is next. There’s always that perfect mix for a road trip while driving by rolling landscapes or seasides or through the redwoods, another while prepartying and getting hyped up for a show with friends, another while lounging with some bomb food and a doobie by candlelight… You name it. I love the juxtaposition of light and dark that a lot of great mixes play around with. These are some of my favorites lately; tune on in! Most of them are free mixes that are great to add to your mobile library. So, without further ado:

I have been really digging ODESZA’s style (one of my favorite sets at Symbiosis ’13 too). It’s the best when you’re really feeling certain producers and then they release mixes – easy listening made even easier! Their NO.SLEEP mix series is a nice blend of instrumental hip hop vibes, fun trappy tunes, and lovely melodies. They are about to go on tour; I definitely suggest catching them at the city nearest to you!

Subdocta – “Heartbreak Lullabyes” Mix
I love this mellow mix done masterfully by the homie Subdocta, perfect for a stormy day or times of reflection. My favorite thing is discovering new great tunes while listening mixes; I was very stoked to hear “A Baru In New York (Flume Remix)- Yolanda Be Cool & Gurrumul” for the first time while tuning in to this. I also love his quote: “You can’t start a new chapter if you don’t turn the page.”


I can never get enough of MiHKAL’s sultry, flowy sets. This one makes me feel like I’m going on a cosmic journey to Alex & Allyson Grey’s The Chapel of Sacred Mirrors in NYC, where it was recorded on the Winter Solstice.


STWO: From Paris with Love
French producer STWO has been absolutely crushing it lately; I have been seeing him pop up all over the place. With good reason, too! This chilled out mix features some other up and coming French producers… check it out. I imagine listening while eating a crepe and sipping coffee at a Parisian corner cafe (as cliche as that is).

Afro Monk – Late Night Sessions 009 – Bliss
Soak in Afro Monk’s auditory euphoria with this mix. I enjoy all of the Late Night Sessions he has been putting out; they remind me of tranquil nights spent with friends and loved ones talking about life, existence, and truths. Intoxicating.


JOKER – Winter Mix
JOKER never got out of the game. I used to jam his purple synth-driven tunes regularly and this mix reminds me why. I love his sense of adventure with ranging BPMs and blurring of genres here. I’m beyond excited to see him perform for the first time with MartyParty next week!


Mr. Rooney – Future Strange Mixtape Vol. XXVI
I have really been enjoying my friend Mr. Rooney’s style lately, and this mix exemplifies it quite well. Laced with groovy beats, tasteful remixes, and stellar mixing style, this one is satisfying from start to finish. Check out the other Future Strange mixtapes; these kids are doin’ good things!

Ta-Ku – Triple J Friday Mix
If this doesn’t put you in the zone then I’m not sure what will… This one is hypnotic and well mixed> Love Ta-Ku’s low-key sexy vibes.


The Widdler – Fall All Original Mix
All original mixes are always fun, and this one has a lot of “Oh, WOW” moments. At times it goes hard and heavy and at others evokes totally chilled out bliss. That juxtaposition of light and dark that I was talking about before 🙂


Nicoluminous | Exodub – We Got This Mix Series
The homie Nico and Exodub keep it fun and fresh with this mix. The incorporation of hip hop, future sounds, and 808 is intriguing and stimulating… check out this straight FIYAH!


The Do LaB presents In the LaB feat. Kaminanda at Coachella 2013 Weekend 1
I was very grateful that The Do LaB posted many of their Coachella sets from last summer for free download. I am a sucker for Kamininda’s style that fuses eclectic percussion, low frequencies, and squishy goodness. Another favorite set from the weekend is jOBOT’s.

I hope you enjoy! I would love to hear back about some of your favorite mixes as I am constantly adding to my listening repertoire. Love and Light


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Lightning in a Bottle 2012 Line Up

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Lightning in a Bottle 2012 Lineup!

Adham Shaikh
Alexi Delano
Android Cartel
Anton Tumas
Big Gigantic
Derek Marin
El Papachango
Grant Kaye
idiot Savant
Jeremy Sole
Jesse Rose
Justin Levi
Justin Martin
Kalya Scintilla
Karsh Kale
Lafa Taylor
Lee Burridge
Lila Rose
Marley Carroll
Michal Menert
Mikey Lion
Nick Warren
NiT GriT
Random Rab
Red Sonya
Russ Liquid
Sammy Bliss
SaQi Ensemble
Sidecar Tommy
Star Slinger
The Glitch Mob
The Human Experience
Tim Herrlein
Zach Moore
The Do Lab does it right as always! This years line up looks incredible! I can’t wait to see all your faces and see all my friends on the West Coast. You will find the family there in full force! I’ve bolded all the acts i’m most excited about!
We will have more coverage as time progresses!
Much Love to The Do Lab and everyone part of this event
( ( <3 ) )

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Lightning in a Bottle 2011 Review

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Lightning in a Bottle took place this year from May 27th-30th in Silverado, California. This was the second year where it was held at Oak Canyon Ranch. The layout of the festival was improved dramatically to allow campers easy access to the three immense stages. Last year one of the biggest issues was going up and down the mountain to reach the main camp area and stages. This year it seemed like The Do Lab figured out all the little kinks out and made for one of the greatest events I’ve ever attended.

Right when you drive into the venue an incredible force and vibe takes you. The community unites for this giant gathering of music, art, workshops, and more. People from all over the world unites and creates a small city made up of tents, RVs, renegade sound, shaded areas, grills, and beautiful people. There are three main stage areas that host some of the biggest and rising stars of underground music.

The Wookie stage is one of the first stages you see as you enter the festival looking for camp ground. It was an incredible sight to see. I heard the stage was rocking a FunktionOne sound system but to be honest I stayed clear of that stage. The Wookie stage is generally known for playing House music and too be honest I’m not a huge fan and there was way too much going on to even step onto that dance floor but it definitely was going off every time I came back to camp.

The Lightning stage is where the a lot of the big boys played. The area was massive with an enormous amount of room. This clearly was the main stage area. The production value on this stage was incredible with stunning pyrotechnics during Kraddy’s set. They also brought in giant LED screens for big acts like Pretty Lights and Mimosa. The vibe during the day was more of relaxed journey. I had great memories listening to Invisible Allies during the day on Sunday. I will say many of the opening bands were quite disappointing such as Metal Mother which almost made me wonder what was going on or if this all was just a sound check. The biggest crowd I saw was during Pretty Lights. The place was slammed and had to resort to going backstage to catch his set. Despite Pretty Lights set crashing and having dead air for about 2 minutes kids were still ready to party. Mimosa surprised me with his set as he is known for raging out and playing heavy popular brostep he kept it quite tame and one of the best sets I’ve seen from Tigran. It’s always a surprise though to see such a talented producer not play all originals or even more than 4-5 for hour and half set.

The Bamboo stage is practically where I lived. All my favorites and close friends were playing in this area. The first act I caught at LIB 2011 was Sex Pixels. They won the slot for the mixtape contest and wanted to see who these guys were considering I couldn’t find anything about them on the internet. Turns out they are a duo act and played mainly house music which I thought was odd they were placed on the Bamboo stage vs the Wookie stage considering the style of music they played. Going back to my initial shock of openers were Pussy Monster. I almost felt embarrassed for them as it was one of the worst sets I’ve seen on a major stage. Granted I don’t expect to love everyone but I was just shocked to see such a booking for the opening slot. The rest of the week-end everything I caught on the Bamboo stage was absolutely breath taking for the most part. The vibe and feel of the music being played in this area was clearly geared to more of my style and taste. Friday night NastyNasty stole the show for me. There was nothing that was going to top his set. Having a full 90 minute journey by Jasper was heaven. The way he flowed and broke his set into 30min pieces from dubstep to slow jams to 808 hiphop beats made his set my personal favorite of the entire week-end. A few of my friends also played on the Bamboo stage such as: Stephan Jacobs, Goldrush, Gladkill, ill-esha, Love & Light, Mimi Page, and Joey Mousepad. All of them did such an incredible job up there! Other notable acts were Emancipator, Phutureprimitive, Lynx, and Paper Diamond (which I only heard about and upset I missed Alex’s set).

Lightning in a Bottle doesn’t only cater to the people who are interested in the music but many other things. Many of the workshops I heard were incredible. The art and live painting going on all around the festivals created a real unique experience. Thousands of people dancing, hoola hooping, spinning fire, and sharing each others presence makes this festival one of the better communities to be around. All the vendors and food was excellent. I couldn’t get over how tasty the pizza was. Everything was done with thought and consideration. I never ventured up the mountain this year as it was something I didn’t need to relive. I heard it was gorgeous up there this year but I decided to pass and stay close to camp and others things going on.

Lightning in a Bottle truly encompasses everything you’d want in a festival. It changed my life for the better going last year and this year was nothing short of amazing. The community and people make this festival. The line up may change every year but what doesn’t change is the passion, love, and dedication put into everyone who is involved including you.

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Lightning in a Bottle 2011 Line Up

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The Do Lab presented us with their LIB 2011 line up upon us!
May 27th through May 30th will mark the festivities this year!
I’ve been looking forward to see what this year might bring and boy is it sweet.
The diversity of this line up is sexy.

This time there are so many familiar names that I have no idea what to do!
I was in NYC with Gladkill when I saw this and wow! We both freaked out and had our mouths on the floor. Instead of posting the image with the line up I’ve decided to break it down by day and bold my suggestions. Expect & Bwomp to be forming another camp this year! I’ll be somewhere running around in a complete daze. I can’t wait to go back to California for this one. The community and love out there is unmatched at these festivals. This festival is the one thing that totally shifted everything in the right direction for me in 2010 and know that it will do the same in 2011. I’m going to say that I highly suggest getting tickets for this now! I have no idea if this event can sell out but something tells me if it’s possible it will. Grab your tickets and make travel plans because this is the one festival not to miss out on!
BUY Lightning in a Bottle Tickets

Much Love and Respect goes out to The Do Lab!
Enjoy this video that is only a small glimpse into what Lightning in a Bottle is…

Friday, May 27th

Lucent Dossier Experience
Nick Warren
Random Rab and the Infinidroid
Claude VonStroke
Dub Kirtan Allstars (feat. Freq Nasty & David Starfire)
The Malah
The Great Mundane
Stephan Jacobs
Mark Zabala
Metal Mother
The Mowgli’s

Saturday, May 28th

Pretty Lights
Beats Antique
Jay Tripwire
Virtual Boy
Low Riderz
Y La Bamba
Android Cartel
Sammy Bliss
Octopus Nebula
Dj Maggie
Joe Rodriguez
Melanie Moore
Russ Liquid
Desert Dwellers

Sunday, May 29th

Thievery Corporation
Lee Burridge
Paper Diamond
Fools Gold
John Kelley
Invisible Allies

Idiot Savant
Syd Gris
El Papachango
Brad Moontribe
dela Moontribe
Love in the Circus
Matt Xavier
Inspired Flight

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Lightning in a Bottle 2011 Early Bird Tickets

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Lightning in a Bottle Pre-sales are available TODAY only (Monday 2/28)!

If you’re not familiar with Lightning in a Bottle you might have heard people calling it LIB. It’s a festival hosted by The Do Lab in California and promises some of the best music related in the Glitch-Hop, Whomp, Dubstep, Live Electronica, and Bass. This year the event will take place May 27th – 30th.

I am constantly asked about festivals and if I ever recommendation any it’s going to be LIB every time. Imagine top quality production with some of the freshest producers and DJs featured along with tons of breathe taking art, workshops, speakers, and more!

Pre-sales are $175 and will be at that price for only 24hrs. This post is a little late but JUMP ON THIS ASAP!

Official ticket sales begin tomorrow and will be priced at $195. The final price at the door if it doesn’t sell out will be $225. I’ll be honest with you, it won’t surprise me if this year it sells out.

For more information please visit their website at Lightning in a Bottle 2011.

BUY: Lightning in a Bottle 2011 tickets.

Last year it changed my life entirely and highly recommend this event to any first time festival goers!

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Stephan Jacobs, Chris B, & Sugarpill | Interview

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Stephan Jacobs

As one of my favorite artists of 2010, Stephan Jacobs has churned out one addictive track after another over the past twelve months. With a decade of experience already under his belt, Stephan continues to sharpen his skills to deliver some of the most ear-catching glitch-hop tracks coming out of the West Coast right now. He just finished up some fresh magic with his remixes of SamplesDrop Bombs and +verb’s Cough (to be released Feb. 1 on Addictech via Muti Music) as well as a collaboration on Level Attack with Sugarpill and Naada (links at the bottom of this feature). Here Stephan talks a bit about his goals, reaching his creative peak and his ultimate message to fans.

TGD: Looking into the new year, what would you say your artistic goals are? Were there any particular turning points or notable moments in 2010 that helped to shape these goals?

SJ: Well, My primary goals are to keep making music and continue to refine my personal sound. I would also like to consistently release new music and travel more with my music. Basically continue to improve doing what I am doing.

2010 had some really good highlights; Playing at Coachella was a huge turning point for me. I was really happy when we made it to #1 on soundcloud’s “What’s Hot”  for my collaboration with +Verb – “Blind Dreams”; seeing that so many people were listening only pushed me harder and forced me to raise my standards for myself.

All in all 2010 has been a big year for me in all ways. My personal improvement and passion for music has never developed so rapidly as it did for me last year.

TGD: Along with the high demand for your music comes a huge amount of travel; how do you maintain your steady stream of new tracks? Would you say constantly meeting new people and seeing new places provides more inspiration, or more distraction?

SJ: Traveling in itself is so transitional. I am so grateful for the opportunity to travel with my music and bring it to different people in different places and see how they react to it first hand.  Of course, I love playing in my hometown but it feels nice to get out and play in a place where you don’t often play and maybe you’re taken less for granted.  I also think it’s great to get to visit a homie when you’re touring in their town and sometimes I even get to collaborate on a track with someone while I am away. Can traveling be distracting to me? Umm that depends on how much partying I do. LOL. Even if I have been gone a while I come back and it takes me time to get back in the swing of things.  I think most of the time traveling pays off more than its slows me down though.

TGD: What do you require to reach your creative peak? This can be a place, a time of day, a mindset, a person; absolutely anything.

SJ: I feel like music can effect me emotionally so much and when I am making music I feel like the sounds are influenced by my state of being too. Sometimes my creative peak can come out when I am extremely happy but it also comes in a completely different way when im sad.

Sometimes to improve my creative workflow I just need something as simple as a good walk, a cup of coffee and cigarette, or just to step away for a minute and come back to it later with a fresh mindset.

TGD: What is the ultimate message you are trying to send through your music? What aspects of your own personality do you think are reflected in your work?

SJ: I think any musician ultimately just wants people to relate their music to their own lives. It feels nice when each individual person responds to music in their own way and has their own individual experience of my music. In the same way it feels nice when musicians make music in their own style. Individuality is so important, otherwise it’s not as special when you create something unless it is your own. I love that one of my songs can relate to someone’s specific memory and as [a] musician in some weird way I get to be a part of that moment.

When I choose to do a remix, I choose a song that I like that relates to my personal experience of that song.  Then I want to accentuate that feeling in my own musical language.

TGD: Tell us a bit more about your collaborations with Chris B. and Sugarpill; how they came about and what effect each of you has had on the other’s artistic growth.

SJ: I think they are both strong individuals, they are my good friends and they both have very specific styles of there own. It’s nice working with them cuz it’s nice to blend those styles together and see what happens, the feeling of being in the studio and vibeing off each other is priceless.

My interview of Stephan is the final installment in a series of three features I’ve put together spotlighting him as well as Sugarpill and ChrisB (code-named the TRIPLE-THREAT TRIFECTA INTERVIEWS, or T.T.I. for short – scroll down to check those out).

For more from Stephan Jacobs, please visit his website,SoundCloud, Facebook and Twitter pages.

  • Download Level Attack (Stephan Jacobs & Sugarpill feat. Naada)
  • Download the Samples Drop Bombs remixes album, featuring two tracks with Stephan Jacobs

Chris B.

I’ve mentioned several times how 2010 was a big year for a lot of us, but perhaps none understand this as well as Chris B. A long-time guitarist, Chris grew uninspired by the limitations of the instrument and eventually discovered bass music and digital production. After buying his first computer a mere year and a half ago, Chris B. is quickly becoming one of the most sought-after performers on the West Coast.

TGD: You’ve told me a bit about your rapid evolution as an electronic artist; what were you doing musically before you started experimenting with Ableton? What are the biggest ways you’d say your life has changed over the past two years?

CB: Well I have been playing the guitar since I was 11 years old so about 10 years now. The first electronic music I was ever really exposed to was Sound Tribe Sector 9 back in 2004. They completely blew my mind because they fused live instrumentation with the electronic element which I had never even seen or even fathomed before. This was right before Artifact was released when those guys were on fire. Around 4 years ago I kinda started to fall away from playing guitar because I reached a peak in my playing and became sort of uninspired musically. When I was 17 I went to my first rave and that’s when I was really exposed to straight forward electronic music. Of course most of it was electro garbage but still marked a turning point of my musical taste. I had my hippie roots and the whole candy cane rave thing wasnt really doing it for me. Raves were more of a social experiment for me and I wasn’t really into the music. Not too much longer after this I became really good homies with my hairstylist Omri. It was kinda weird because he said that I reminded him of himself when he was my age. Going to mad Grateful Dead shows and raves too. He was the one who first told me about Burning Man and exposed me to bass music. He was just getting into producing music himself so I would go over to his studio and just watch him make tracks and he would pretty much give me the watered down version of what was going on. It was all over my head at the time and didn’t realize that that would be my next musical passion. Finally when I was 18 and went to Burning Man for the first time I realized that all these new sounds that I was listening to were what was really inspiring me. At the beginning of 2009 was when I really first started showing interest in trying to Dj with Ableton. I would download the trial version of Ableton onto friends computers and burn a cd with a bunch of tracks and just start fucking around trying to teach myself since I didn’t have a computer of my own. At that moment I became infatuated with it. I naturally had an ear for it due to my prior musical training and caught on quick. That summer I would go around to several festivals like Sonic Bloom and Rothbury and set up a renegade stage with some friends and throw down late night sets. People would go nuts but it still wasn’t doing it for me, I had to start making my own tracks to fully be satisfied with my musical potential but I still didn’t have a computer of my own. To this day lack of equipment is what is really holding me back. I still don’t even own studio monitors! Anyways right before Burning Man in 2009 I got my first computer and shortly after that I took Ill Gates electronic music workshop. Not too long before that all I had done production wise was write a couple hip hop tracks for my friend who was a mediocre producer and MC. After taking that Ill gates workshop it made me realize that I didn’t know jack shit. I kinda just sat on the knowledge I obtained and didn’t really do anything with it. Shorty after that I had met Sugarpill for the first time and showed him a couple jingles I wrote and he saw the potential in me. I was still not taking it seriously at all until I went to Manifesto Gathering in Costa Rica last year. I brought my computer with high hopes of potentially playing a set out there. Now this was Marty Party’s party and people who have played it in the past were people like Ooah. Turns out I ended up playing 3 sets and people loved it including Marty. At that moment I realized that I could actually achieve this and the only way to do so was to produce my own music because I already had the dj thing on lock. That’s when I really started to hit the grind. This was exactly a year ago. Since then Ive been geeking out as much as possible. Sugarpill has definitely helped me out a lot along the way. Evan has been there for me not only as a teacher, but a close friend and mentor. I owe pretty much everything to him. It was definitely cosmic how we fell into each other’s lives, some crazy force of nature that is way beyond any of us.

TGD: In terms of artistic guidance, who would you say are your biggest influences? Why?

CB: I have tons of different influences, mostly my friends. A lot of my friends growing up were insane jazz musicians so the bar was always high musically. All my favorite shit is all stuff my friends make in all sorts of genres. I hear something they do and now I’m at the point in my production where I can come back at them with something that makes them raise their eyebrows.

TGD: Where have you yet to play that is a top spot on your list of tour stops? What are the elements of this place that make you want to perform there?

CB: Right now I would really love to play at a Do LaB event or one of An-ten-nae’s events up in SF as well as several festivals this summer. As far as places I would like to play, I dunno, thats a hard one. I’ve already played on the beach in Costa Rica which is one of the most beautiful places on earth as well as Burning Man. Europe, Australia or Canada would definitely be cool. The scene in Canada is going off right now.

TGD: You have great chemistry with Stephan Jacobs and Sugarpill both musically and socially. How important would you say it is to collaborate with other artists whose company you can appreciate both on and offstage? Would you say a friendship is necessary to achieve the best possible collaborative effort?

CB: I am definitely fortunate to have friends like Stephan and Evan. I definitely think its important to dig the other person’s music in order to collaborate and make something dope. However, I don’t necessarily think friendship is required to achieve the best possible collaborative effort but it definitely helps. Look at Pink Floyd. Those guys fought all the time and they made some of the most incredible music of all time. Also Stephan and +verb have made some banging tracks together and they haven’t even met before. Not to say they wouldn’t become good friends if they did meet, but yeah you catch my drift 😉 When Stephan and I first starting writing tracks together, we didn’t know each other very well but it definitely was the bridge to our friendship. It definitely does help to be homies with someone when writing tracks because if you are in a room with someone for hours on end working on something who your not vibing with personally, I’d imagine you would drive each other nuts.

With two fresh new releases (“Malefic Planet” w/ Sugarpill & a remix of Samples’ “Drop Bombs”), ChrisB. is already starting 2011 off on the right foot. March 4th marks the exclusive drop on Addictech of his debut EP, What’s Your Fantasy, (featuring a collaboration with another one of my favorites, Gladkill) to be released on Simplify. To stay updated on this artist’s upcoming events and new music, please check his Facebook and SoundCloud pages.


Featured on this episode of TGD:radio was Sugarpill, a high-energy melody maker based out of Los Angeles. Evan has a brand new EP scheduled to drop this February and was so kind as to share one of these highly-anticipated tracks with the TGD:radio audience. I had the chance to ask this cutting-edge artist a few questions; below are his responses!

TGD: From getting to chat a bit, it seems as though you have experience in several fields outside of music. When did you make the decision to shape a career out of your talents and what prompted the commitment?

SP: I don’t think it was really a decision in a big sort of way, things just seem to happen and I just keep working hard at whatever I have the opportunity to do.

TGD: How would you say your sound has evolved over the past year? In comparison, what would you consider to be the hallmark elements of your music?

SP: I’m pretty sure my sound has evolved a lot in the past year. I think I probably broke through a major barrier because now I actually complete way more tracks and get them sounding much more clear and polished. I used to record and produce records for a band that I was in and for some reason when it came to my electronic stuff, I was just slacking on applying those techniques up until about a year and a half ago.

I’d like think the most prevalent elements in my music are bass and glitch, but it seems like I’m really stoked [on] really strong melodic content. I feel like the melodies draw me in and chill out some of the harshness of the glitch sounds.

TGD: What do you have coming up in 2011 so far that you’re most excited about?

SP: Right now I’m stoked on my next release. It’s a 4 track EP coming out on Simplify Recordings. It’s going to be prereleased on on Feburary 4th. I kept to a lot of the elements I really liked about my last release and also cleaned up some of my techniques, so hopefully it shows. I also tried to add a little more of a contrast between the tracks across the whole EP so people could either play a single track out or just listen to it straight through.

I also have a little mini tour I’m working on in Feburary to support the release. Its looking like I’m going to be in Los Angeles 2/4, San Francisco 2/10, Portland 2/11 and Arcata 2/12 so far and definitely have some more to come that I can’t announce yet.

TGD: Your sets are packed with energy; for someone who’s on the go so much, where do you find the inspiration to maintain this so consistently?

SP: I don’t really know, I just really like getting on stage and playing music. I’m usually a pretty mellow person, but when I get up there I feel like its my chance to let loose and the whole thing just takes over me.

TGD: What’s your take on the creative process behind your collaborations with Stephan Jacobs and ChrisB.?

SP: Collaborations are a really interesting thing for me. I definitely think the stuff that I have made with Stephan and Chris has been some really amazing work that we’re all really stoked on. The process is pretty simple it kind of just works itself out. We just get in a room together and take turns “driving” ableton and recording each other. Its really nice to have the momentum of another person working on the same thing to push you to make something a little better or try something a little different than we might do alone.

For frequent updates on Sugarpill, please check his website, Facebook,Twitter and SoundCloud pages.

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Lightning in Your Ear | The Do Lab

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Lightning in Your Ear

The Do Lab presents Lightning in Your Ear! The album is finally out and is completely free or pay what you like. Anything you give as payment is given to There’s a ton of quality tracks off this release so be sure to download this. It really does take me back to the festival. Much respect and love to everyone who is part of this.

The Confluence is doing big things and have quite some amazing releases due out in the near future. Check out this fresh video showing some fresh previews of what they have in store. Big ups to The Confluence and what they are doing.

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Lightning In Your Ear | The Do Lab Album

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The Do Lab is one of the most recognized orginizations in the music scene on the West Coast and spreading around the world. The Do Lab’s headquarters is located in downtown Los Angeles and is comprised of some of the best event producers, artist, lighting designers, DJs, constructors, welders, costumers, and many musicians.

The Do Lab hit its 10 year mark in 2010 and has been part of some of the most memorable events on the West Coast. Their annual Lightning in a Bottle festival has become one of the largest festivals around. I had the pleasure of going for the first time this year and it’s completely changed my life.

Lightning in a Bottle isn’t the only event they are part of. The Do Lab also has ties with Coachella Music Festival, Ford, Audi, Red Bull, The Virgin Music Festival, Speakercraft, Esquire Magazine, AIDS Project Los Angeles, Stop Aids Organization, and more! Many of their events give back to the community and supply funds to charities such as CriticalBeats.

The Do Lab: Album Release – Lightning in Your Ear

I have just received word that The Do Lab will be putting together a collaboration album which features tons of artist highlighted at Lightning in a Bottle. All the proceeds from this album will be going to CritcalBeats which is a charity that is supporting the preservation of the rain forest and indigenous culture all around the world. Artists featured on the “Lightning in Your Ear” Compilation include: The Glitch Mob, Beats Antique, The Very Best, MartyParty, Nico Vega, Adam Freeland, and many more…! I’m proud to present a 100% exclusive track on the upcoming release from none other than Beat Antique!

Beat Antique – Les Enfants Perdus

Big Thank You to The Do Lab, all the artist who make this possible, and all those who help support the music and arts!

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MartyParty | Skukuza EP | Artist Spotlight

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MartyParty is Marty Folb and is originally from South Africa. Marty came to the States 15 years ago and has been on a mission ever since then! The music that is produced by this man is breathe taking! The amount of rhythm and groove that is put into is stunning. His high synths are clearly recognizable and layered with the perfect amount of bass. I recently just played a show in NY and dropped 2-3 tunes of his and every single person in that room felt each one of them.

He has taken the west coast by storm with his electric energy live. This man truly is one of my biggest role models. Never have I seen anyone with such power play a crowd. Every single show I preform at I think of the videos of Marty at Cervantes in CO and the quick glances I got front center at Lightning in a Bottle 2010 with all the women dancing on top of the subs blocking the view. You can see on his face and his movements that he truly loves what he does and loves feeding from everyone around him as every engulfs every inch of the dancefloor.

I’m proud to announce MartyParty is due out with a release in the near future. The new release is called Skukuza EP being put out by The Confluence. Marty is about to start a tour around the States. He is about to go on tour all around the US with legends The Glitch Mob. The tour begins here in Fort Lauderdale on August 30th! I can’t wait to rage! South Florida has never experienced a sound like MartyParty before and I can’t wait to look back and be proud to know that this sound and energy is making its way to the East Coast.


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Lightning in a Bottle Music Festival 2010 Review

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Lightning in a Bottle 2010 was THE Greatest experience in my life so this maybe extremely bias =)

LIB is a festival that goes on for three days in Irvine, California. The location is outside of civilization so majority of people who attend camp for the week-end. Luckily I have such great friends I was able to fly in with just clothes and a sleeping bag. As soon as you drive into the parking lot you’ll realize how serious this thing is. People of all ages, colors, shapes, and mindsets are flooding in, carrying essential supplies. Once you’ve entered the parking lot you’re great with a spectacular view of the lake with mountains surrounding it. Shuttles await you as you carry your needs to the line. Shuttles take you to all the four camp sites. I was surprised how efficient the shuttles were considering most people were taking a crap load of things. Thankfully a few friends had already arrived earlier Thursday to setup camp. Arriving early and picking out a good campsite is key! You’ll be coming back from the festival at night and a close location when it’s pitch dark helps!

The music couldn’t have been any better. The Do Lab out did themselves with the line up this year! The main highlights of the festival without looking at the line up are: Nosaj Thing, Stephan Jacobs, MartyParty, Mimosa, Vibesquad, Lucent Dossier, Jupit3r, Daddy Kev & Nobody, Eliot Lipp, Heyoka, & Daedelus. I’d go into detail of each of these magnificent performances but this post would end up being pages upon pages long. Please ask for any input out of these. It was asked numerous times who was my favorite of the festival. I’ve thought long and hard and decided that I came up with my favorite, NOSAJ THING! The man was completely live the whole time and on point. The music was absolutely amazing incorporating many of his own tracks with many others. The amount of skill and talent was clearly shown. He had no shame to hold back and tweak and glitch everything on the fly. After Nosaj I’d probably say it was Stephan Jacobs, MartyParty, and Mimosa. You might notice that I never mentioned The Glitch Mob in all this… I might just have an entire post about what I thought of the NEW Glitch Mob. Another name I didn’t mention was Kraddy. The reason for this was because since he was on the first night and much later on I ended up making a serious mistake of not wearing warm clothes since it was so furiously hot during the day. The cruelest joke of the trip was how insanely hot it was during the day and beyond a comfort level of cold at night. I ended up missing half of Kraddy’s set because I had to go to camp to change.

The experience of camping was something completely new to me. I had never gone camping in my life. I have to admit I was quite intimidated by going to a festival alone and be outside camping. Thank God I had one of the best group of people around me. If you are new to festivals I highly recommend going with someone who has been or has experience. Be warned there are TONS of hippies which can be a good or bad thing depending how you look at it. I was raised in very comfortable living situation and too be honest camping wasn’t that bad. Many even say camping at a festival isn’t really camping at all. Keep in mind that many festivals are in the dessert or remote locations so it can get insanely hot and become unbearably cold at night within a couple hours. The major experience of camping was in the community of people around you. It’s a very hospital environment where everyone is sharing and looking out for each other. Having a solid group makes a huge difference. It’s almost a barter system. I’ll tell you I spent so much less money than I could have imagined. Most of the money I spent went into buying food that I didn’t really have to have and merch. Having free running water all over the festival helps tremendously. The Do Lab clearly made camping quite easy. The one catch that everyone couldn’t help but notice was the whole leave the camp ground as if we were never there. It’s a great mentality to have BUT there weren’t enough trash cans. You would think that there would be more so this was possible. It truly surprised me how much people cared about this when it came to leaving the camp grounds. You would find people walking around with trash bags cleaning up.

The last thing I want to talk about is the amount of stores and shops available. The amount of art and merch areas was impressive. You could find all sort of fun exotic clothes and memorabilia at the festival. Everyone around was expressing themselves in the way they dressed, danced, or even communicated. A conversation came up on how some people go completely all out and look insane. We concluded that it might just be us that the joke is on and those people who do go all out truly get it. Don’t get me wrong I didn’t mind the beautiful outfits that people were wearing but you have to wonder where all the these people hide during regular life.

All in all the festival was the greatest experience of my life and I’m hooked! Everyone speaks of Burning Man but considering I’m in Miami and work during the week it won’t be possible. Lightning in a Bottle is a perfect festival to start. It’s a long week-end and it’s not as harsh conditions as some of the other festivals out there. The music is absolutely top notch and so are all the performances. Festivals is a great place to meet new people who share your same interest and taste. Let’s not forget the amount of partying and networking that goes on. Thank You The Do Lab! Lightning in a Bottle changed my life.

Another thing I’d like to mention is that there are camps specialized for families and quite camp. This is to all the people camping around us who kept complaining about us staying up all night talking and making noise. If you have kids in your camp and actually want to sleep when it’s night time… GO TO THE SPECIFIC CAMP FOR THAT! =D

If you are looking for photos or have any photos feel free to post them on the Flickr group:
Lightning in a Bottle 2010 Photos

Here is a great video that was posted that has some photos of the festival this year:

Bwomp Camp Memories:
The Apparatus
Pirate Flag
Mirror Shot
Skirt Beetle
Vagina Crystal Necklace
It will find you
That EP better be coming out soon
Heat Exhaustion
Stupid Ugly Girls
Space Hawk

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