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Supersci releases a free track from the upcoming album

time May 28th by Pierre authorTags: , , , , , ,


Fellow Sundsvallian Hip Hop group Supersci just now released a free downloadable track from their upcoming album “Timelines” called “Snap out of it”.

The northern melancholy is still present in their sound and the sample with the keyed fiddle just takes my viking soul to a higher place, the beat is produced by Arka and Erik L from Flyphonic Beats (also key members of Supersci)

Download the track here (@ Supersci’s homepage)

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time April 18th by Pierre authorTags: , , , ,

My friends at Sweden based Galagowear released their spring collection a while ago and I just wanted to show you a few pictures of their baseball jacket because I really like it!

The jacket comes in three different colorways as you see here below!
Visit their web shop and browse through their clothes: Galagowear


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Limonious – House of Usher

time April 16th by Pierre authorTags: , , , , , , , , ,

Limonious – House of Usher
Label: Flogsta Danshall

Limonious is a Swedish Skweee artist also know as Pavan and Uday, he’s also a member of the projects Vakttornet and Wizards of DOS as well and the owner of the label Flogsta Danshall. A busy man indeed.

I don’t know how well known the genre Skweee is around the globe but the artist mainly hails from Scandinavia even though the music has started to pave its way through Europe. The genre is know for it’s less than perfect sound and by today’s standard is might come of as a bit “under produced”. It’s a bit “dirty”, rugged, the use of old analogue synths is very common. Another thing that is kind of typical for Skweee is the length of the tracks which usually ends up around 3 min which is kind of short when it comes to electronic music and Skweee tunes a kind of pop/rock feeling to them.

All of the things I described above can be said about the the 8 very good track featured on “House of House”(the track “Swizz Pommak” is my favorite).

Take a listen to the track below and keep you eyes on Flogsta Danshall in the future.

Limonious – 7 Synths by Flogsta Danshall

Lominious @ Myspace
Flogsta Danshall @ Soundcloud
Flogsta Danshall

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Domain ID – Boombox Apocalypse

time February 14th by Pierre authorTags: , , , ,


To make things clear, I’ve known Mathias Lodmalm for quite some years and I’m a big fan of his past musical endeavors so this write up might come off as a bit partial.

Hailing from the Swedish West Coast Mathias has made music for over 20 years and he released his first album way back in 1992 and has since then been pumping out releases under a few different monickers. Domain ID is his first official electronic release and I’m proud to have followed this release from scratch until now when it’s official released and watched it grow to perfection.

Mr. Lodmalm mixes influences from the latest in the House, Techno and Glitch scenes and put together a real awesome EP. If one should compare Domain ID to some of the other artists on Muti this one is less bassy and draws more inspiration from the British Glitch sound rather than the Dubstep vibe but still not as “freaked out” as Autechre nor intense as Apex Twin, call it avantgarde and contemporary dance music… there’s no need for any further genre wanking.

You can tell by listening to this EP that Mathias knows what he’s doing and has learned a lot from all these years making music, you don’t need to cling on to the the latest music trends you can break way for coming trends instead.

Listen to the title track here

Lodmalm @ Myspace
Lodmalm @ Soundcloud
Muti Music

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Support Your Local Dealer

time February 8th by Pierre authorTags: , , , , , ,


Your Local Dealer is a Swedish clothing brand that was brought to life by the shop Top Street Wear in Stockholm, they are mainly focusing on Street and Urban wear.

Much of their stuff is a bit to much “Hip Hop” for me personally, like pants with embroideries all over and the such of clothes you can see on you favorite Hip Hop star but recently they released four pairs of jeans that I really fell in love with, they call them just simply “basic jeans”. The jeans are made of raw black denim and the difference is the seams which are in different colors, you get khaki, green, purple and my favorite turquoise. I dig the striped down design and the contrast that the seams bring forth, the price is aslo really fair when it comes to these kind of clothes here in Sweden.

Don’t forget to check out their track jackets as well, they are also real nice.

Top Street Wear is one of Swedens biggest online shop when it comes to urban fashion and they ship worldwide so don’t hesitate to look through their site and see if you find something you like.

Your Local Dealer @
(The pictures are used with permission from the owner)


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Stray – Get On Up

time February 8th by Pierre authorTags: , , , , , ,


Gothenburgs own Electro-Soul genius is back with his second album ”Get on up”. Personally I really liked Stray’s debut album ”Here to Stray” but sadly I don’t think that one got the recognition it deserved, but I hope this one will be more spread across the globe.

“Get on up” till be released on Erik L’s (Favorite Flava & Supersci amongst others) imprint Soularp Records on the twelfth of February (both Stray and Erik L can also be found in the group Favorite Flava). This album will be the second release from Soularp Records and if Erik continues to release records like this you’ll definitely need to keep your eyes on this label.

Compared to the debut this album dives even deeper into Soul music but still manage to keep the electronic touch. “Get on up” contains thirteen track were two of them are remixes made by Erik L himself. The album also contains some guest musicians; Hanna (which we know from the last album), 7even:Thirty, Melor P and Erik L.

I really dig this one and even though I loved “Here to Stray” this one surely much better in all aspects be it musically or when it comes to the singing.

If you like modern Soul Music with a touch of electronics I see no reason why you shouldn’t get this album, as a matter of fact; I order you to get a hold of this one as soon as it’s out.

Download this free tune from the album as be a part of the greatness: Stray @ Bandcamp

Soularp @ Myspace
Stray @ Myspace
Soularp Records
Favorite Flava @ Myspace

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Erik L & Illingsworth – Northern Connection

time January 26th by Pierre authorTags: , , , , ,


Sundsvalls own Erik L (Supersci & Favorite Flava) is a busy man, he spit out one great tune after another. This time he has teamed up with Detroit’s Illingsworth and created a monster album full of broken hip hop.

I don’t really know how they’ve worked with this album, if they’ve worked together with the beats or if they’ve made the beats separated and collected them on this album. Either way we get sixteen track and a bunch of guest appearances, how about; Black Reign, Ohkang, 7even:Thirty, Sene, Supersci, Stryfe, Paradox, Stray & Hanna.

It’s kind of hard to try to pin down the sound on this album but I’ll give it a try. Slow hip hop beats with funky but still a modern touch. The album is released on Erik’s own label Soularp Records.

If you’re into these kind of avantgarde beats you shouldn’t miss this one.

Soularp Records
Soularp on Myspace
Erik L on Myspace
Illingsworth on Myspace

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Wlecome Pierre to Afro Monk blogging team!

time January 25th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , ,

Please welcome a new member to the Afro Monk Blog, Pierre! He’s a veteran blogger for He resides from Sweden and has tons of release info for all readers.

I’m happy to have someone else onboard not to mention representing another country. This site is starting to become something I’m really proud of.

I’ve been hard at work with organizing a party for WMC and glad to know someone else will be posting and not solely just me.

If anyone is interested in adding photos from any events that go on please let me know. I have no problem allocaing space for you to upload all the photos.

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